A trend to expand

Yesterday’s Bee had a feature article about how it’s becoming hip to be grammatically correct. I am most pleased, as I’m sure my grammar and spelling cop brethren on the Sac Rag are too.

My wish is that this trend expands to polishing up other realms of everyday life, most notably:

1. People should cover their mouths when they yawn. Unless you’re the MGM lion, I don’t need to see it. Look around for a couple days and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s gross.

2. Girls should stop wearing the low-rider pants with their guts hanging over. When did this roll of fat become a badge of honor? Do guys find this attractive? A friend recently referred to this kind of girl as a “muffin top,” because that’s what it looks like with the fat roll over the waistband. Believe me, I am not blind to my own figure flaws, but there’s a thing called a “full length mirror” that comes in handy.

3. Enough with the weaving in and out of traffic already. It’s scary out there with how closely people cut it when switching lanes, and I’ve seen people use the inside median of the freeway and the right-side shoulder to pass. (Yes, I know that little Noah has to get picked up at daycare or you’ll get charged $10/minute, but just slow the hell down, you typical Sacramento woman, regardless of which breed you might be. Besides, you might chip a nail if you have to slam on the brakes and you need to brace your half-caf nonfat mung bean frapuccino.)

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