“Sutters’ Fort”

I love Funderland, so I am there all the time, and yet somehow I have always missed the awkward punctuation of this sign.

Unless of course it is not referring to the state park, but rather to another fort owned by a married couple as community property, in which case I suppose it is technically correct!

“Next” Sunday vs. “This” Sunday

In my previous post, I noted “next” Sunday as the one that will fall on March 16.

To me, the Sunday that will fall on March 9 is “this coming Sunday.” The one that was on March 2 was “this past Sunday.”

The whole “this” vs. “next” thing was possibly the biggest argument between my parents when I was growing up (other than the whole exchange of “Hold the tree straight!” “I AM holding the tree straight” when trying to put the Christmas tree in its stand.)

What say you on the whole “next” vs. “this” when referencing upcoming dates or days gone by?

Grammar police at East Lawn

Last evening my daughters and I checked out the East Lawn Children’s Park, a small playground and grassy field on the corner of 42nd St. and Folsom Blvd. This has to be one of the coolest parks in the “micro” category–it’s only about the size of 2 residential lots, but it has a great older wooden jungle gym, a massive sandbox, a nice grassy area, and best of all it is completely shaded at 5:30 pm on a hot day.

My reason for posting though is the sign listing the various things that are prohibited in the park. Now I don’t usually participate in Grammar Policing–I think I just used “irony” in a questionable context just a few minutes ago–but when the results of bad usage are hilarious then I pay attention. I am too cheap to find a way to get the pictures from my camera phone off my camera, but this will be better if I type out what the sign says and make my snarky comments anyway.
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A trend to expand

Yesterday’s Bee had a feature article about how it’s becoming hip to be grammatically correct. I am most pleased, as I’m sure my grammar and spelling cop brethren on the Sac Rag are too.

My wish is that this trend expands to polishing up other realms of everyday life, most notably:

1. People should cover their mouths when they yawn. Unless you’re the MGM lion, I don’t need to see it. Look around for a couple days and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s gross.
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