Another week, another crash

Fifteen days since our last report, we hammered out another one :

A argument inside a moving car escalated to a hammer fight and ended with the car htting [sic] a power pole in South Sacramento…Officers say the accident was caused by an arguing couple. Police say tempers got so heated inside the car one of the people pulled out a hammer to use as a weapon.

Granted, this is not about a car crashing into a building, but I’m still impressed. Poles are harder to hit when someone is striking you on the temple with a hammer. Check out the video at CBS13, the pole actually didn’t fair too badly!

I’m sure you’ll hear back from me again within 2 or so weeks with another episode.

One thought on “Another week, another crash”

  1. Hammers don’t kill people- PEOPLE kill people.

    Usually I just let my wife outta the car rather than keep fighting once we have tools (esp. power tools) in our hands.


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