There are TREES on Fair Oaks Boulevard?


If you travel on Fair Oaks Boulevard between Eastern and Watt Avenues — also known as miles 18-19.5 of the marathon course — you’ve no doubt seen the new signs reading, “CAUTION: TREES NEAR ROADWAY,” complete with a graphic representation of trees near a roadway.

I’d post a photo, but given the speed at which people drive in this section, even my hardhat and orange vest wouldn’t protect me from being mowed over by a (insert name of luxury car or pricey SUV here.)

There probably were lengthy community planning meetings in which it was decided to erect these signs at public expense, thereby wasting residents’ time and money.

Indeed, there have been many fatal accidents involving motorists and trees in this particular section of FOB, but I think the drivers’ speed and/or level of intoxication and/or inexperience with driving were more at fault than the trees that were likely there long before the roadway was even built.

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  1. I’ve seen these signs (I think there are two), and I’ve also seen the roadside shrines, along the same stretch, for the people who have died in auto crashes. You are totally right about the speeding. People routinely do 50 or 55 in the 35, and for whatever reason the cops don’t pull people over on Fair Oaks. Two or three speed traps here could probably pay off the state deficit.


  2. I’m glad you brought that up (Wilhaggin & Estates Drive closures), runnergirl. I witnessed it first hand last year as I would often head home that way to avoid the Watt & Fair Oaks bottleneck. There were days where I would count no fewer than 7 CHP patrol cars and motorcycles along that 1/4 mile stretch of road. Signs went up, law enforcement went up, all within a week or two. Man, that was some shady business. And then down they went and left turns were legal again…


  3. You can credit The Bee’s Tom Philp with exposing that sweet little deal on Wilhaggin. And also the Sacramento Metro Fire Department, which told the CHP to take their no-left turn and put it where the sun don’t shine.


  4. Yes, you’re right. There are two signs and many shrines. You’d think that the shrines themselves would be the impetus for people to slow the heck down, but apparently not. (I meant no disrespect to those who’ve lost their lives on this stretch in the initial post, by the way.) Residents in this area are also the folks who convinced local officials to close off Wilhaggin and Estates Drives during rush-hour traffic for a while about a year ago so nobody would drive past their houses (on a public street, mind you.) The money in 95864-95608 yields significant political power, so I’m not surprised that there haven’t been speed traps set up.


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