Good Days of Our Lives

It is always the children who are affected the most.

Good Day Sacramento has been in quite the transition this summer. First, it was the move of their set over to CBS13’s locale. Fortunately, the transition went off relatively smooth. One wonders however, the stress this put on Good Days’ own 40+ year old child, Mark S. Allen.

As the CoolOne brought to you some days ago, MSA was recently pulled over at the airport by the County cops, on the suspicion of being drunk. This morning, the “on-scene” reporter at the Cal Expo plant sale intimated that there were “special plants in the back” for MSA that the reporter could not identify on the air. Not to mention the fact that other Good Day personalities are exposing themselves in public…what’s going on over there? Are these desperate cries for help?

While it wouldn’t surprise anyone if MSA was in fact drunk or had some kind of problem with narcotics (perhaps he’s ODing on teeth bleach), could his turning to the bottle be a symptom of more than just a man in his 40s who still shops at Pacific Sunwear in a version of Peter Pan Syndrome?

I submit to you, dear reader, that there is something more going on.

I blame this all on the introduction of Julissa Ortiz to the show.

This is a woman who has two facial expressions: smile and bigger smile. And her smile already takes up the whole screen. The emergence of The Ortiz to Good Day has altered the chemistry of the show. It’s plain to see. Julissa does it all for Good Day. She’ll anchor. She’ll do the “on-scene” reports. I’ve seen her do the weather. She can banter like it’s nobody’s business. I may be in love. Is today trash day because of the long weekend or was it yesterday? But I digress.

Have you ever noticed that when The Ortiz is co-anchoring with resident Good Day Queen Marianne McClary, how much tension there is? Or how much make-up there is? But oh, there’s some tension. Marianne never even looks at J.Ort. They barely talk. I’ve even seen Marianne turn her back towards The Ortiz. Julissa has added some life into the show and Marianne clearly feels threatened, as she should. My friends, there’s a catfight in the brewing, and we can only hope it happens on TV.

Good Day Sacramento is on a speed train wreck to dysfunction. And it’s killing MSA.

7 thoughts on “Good Days of Our Lives”

  1. I’m just wondering if Julissa is as sweet on camera as she is off. It could all be just an act. BUT, I’d rather watch her than Stephanie Cruz. Gawd that woman is annoying. What is up with all that head banging rock star schtick? So infantile.


  2. Sweet Julissa was sportin’ some serious “camel toe” this mornin’ as she reported the weather. NICE! I call those jeans “inhale only wear”. I was afraid if she exhaled the top button would have shot Nick or Courtney in the eye. bahahahaaaah


  3. What is wrong with you people?????? The addition of J. Ortiz was a horrible mistake. I can hardly understand her half the time. Sounds like she has a mouth full of burritos. She stumbles over half of the words she says. Stephanie Cruz is much more professional and beautiful.


  4. I love Julissa. She smiles and she doesn’t seem as fake as the rest of them. She probably stumbles because she’s nervous. She’s new cut her a break. Thats funny about MSA, that guy always seems like he’s huffed up on something.


  5. went to college with julissa. in fact, she was one of the first people i met at orientation. i will never forget how she told me she was going into broadcasting, while i was wondering what in the hell i was doing among these super smart, composed, end-goal-in-sight people at sc (southern cal).

    julissa was always just as sweet, smiley, and outgoing as she is on tv now. very proud of her.

    try to take it easy on her. she really is one of those super wonderful people who rarely has a bad day.


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