We’re #1!

The good people of Sacramento have demonstrated their..err.. exquisite taste and sophistication (?!) by selecting the SacRag as Best Local Blog in the News and Review’s annual Best of Issue, tying with Heckasac and decidedly kicking the shit out of the extremely weak Mark Williams Radio Show Blog.

Congrats to our writers and thanks to all our readers, fans and detractors!

14 thoughts on “We’re #1!”

  1. Speaking of “best of” lists, you’ll be glad to know that the propensity for readers to select chain restaurants & the like as being the “best” is not exclusive to Sacramento. While on our honeymoon last week (6 months post-wedding) in Hawai’i, we noted that the Honolulu paper featured some of these “bests” as voted by readers:

    Best beer: Bud Light
    Best pizza: Pizza Hut
    Best sandwich: Subway


  2. I am impressed by this but even more impressed that, if you turn 2 pages from our nod, you’ll see my father (same name) was voted as #2 Best Local Doctor. a good day to be named DMZ!!


  3. good point norm, shouldn’t he be at #3… i guess the SNR was just itchin to get their right-wing agenda on the list…


  4. Hey runner girl. Visited your site. Looks like if you’re doing any running it’s back and forth to the fridge! Just a little tubby there honey.


  5. What a gentleman! I just got back from running the Auburn Trail Marathon. I’d rather have some meat on my bones & be able to run up & down the hills all day than some twig who can’t make it around the block.


  6. P.S. I wonder what runner boy would say about the blind lady who completed today’s 1/2 marathon on the trails while harnessed to someone else? She isn’t built like a supermodel either.

    RB, holla back if you want to face-off with resting heart rates, leg presses, and a 50+ mile trail run (including Devil’s Thumb & Michigan Bluff) and see who’s in better shape the next day. E-mail me your name so I can check your race results on zinsli.com, please.

    Might I recommend your training be in the dusk and dawn hours on the Western States trail? You sound like you’d make a great breakfast or dinner for one of our mountain lion friends.


  7. And if you don’t want to hit the trails, runner boy, we can meet up and I’d be more than happy to hit you, repeatedly.


  8. Runner Boy, dude, you are such a dick. What you wrote is both mean and untrue.

    My wife and I run ultras with runnergirl, and she is easily one of the fittest people we know. I was at the finish line at the Miwok 100K (that’s 62 miles of major hills in the Marin Headlands) in May when she finished. Lots of people got pulled from that race because they took too long or they had to drop because they weren’t strong enough. But runnergirl finished and looked strong and fresh like she could have kept going.

    This was after seeing her finish at A.R. 50 (50 miles) just a couple weeks before that and literally dozens of other 50 milers and 50K races within the last few years.

    We also ran part of the Western States training camp with her in May, and she powers up and down those canyons which kill most of us but she’s always smiling.

    Athletic ability aside, she is inarguably beautiful inside and out, intelligent, and has helped a lot of other runners get through some really tough races with her great attitude and know-how of the sport & trails and all the supplies she carries when out running.

    If that’s not enough, she has a really good job and what seems to be a way cool husband (I’ve only heard about him, but he sounds like someone I’d like to know.) Sounds like you are still immature and hung up on whether a girl is skinny or not, and that is your loss. You are missing out if that is your only criteria. Besides, a lot of those skinny girls are like that because of smoking, drugs, or abusing their body by not eating or sticking their finger down their throat.

    I know some female runner who are jealous of runnergirl because she still manages to have her curves while powering through some really tough trails.

    So, grow up asswipe, and get back to your Turkey Trot or whatever the hell it is you do.


  9. Every once in a while, I get these little nostalgic impulses to “bring back” words that I have quit using in my everyday life–just to kinda mess with people and see how they respond (harmlessly of course). Secretly I want to walk into Starbucks on my way to work and order a latte and then say “SIKE!!!” or something equally ridiculous. But alas, I’m never really that witty (term used loosely) nor that experimental that early in the morning (And besides, I only go to Peet’s). But, with that said, I guess the reason I felt like confessing this today, is because Runnerboy’s comment reminded me that the word DOUCHEBAG has really fallen out of use…and what a shame. Get a hobby runnerboy! Anyone else feel me on this?


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