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Despite the fact that I blog here every day under a geeky fake name, CoolDMZ and Mrs Cool do not dress in costume for Halloween (although if I did, it would be BSG related). We’re planning to take the girls (both “nice” witches) in a little loop around the hood and then we’re going to hit the church event and then maybe Boo at the Zoo. I also understand there is an event at IKEA which is a little too weird, although most IKEA product names would make great candy names (“dude you totally scored some EKTHORPE!”) and we got invited to Midtown Safeway (by a clerk who was inviting everyone, but still, partay!!)

My neighborhood is always pretty dead on Halloween (excuse the pun). I think it’s just a hood-by-hood vibe, some streets get down with the clown (paint) and some do not. And I’d like to take this time to come out against the October 31 cliche of commuting to the ritzy neighborhoods–especially Fab 40s, which anyone who lives near the city core seems to do.

Also, remember to check for bad guys if you’re hitting the pavement.

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4 thoughts on “Tricks and/or treats”

  1. Definitely check for the bad guys! The creepy Megan’s Law registrant on our street who is a certified bad guy (we’ve seen his record) parked an RV in front of his address last night complete with a huge barking dog. On the one hand that may equal more leftover candy for me but on the other I think it’s going to drive away the trick or treaters, my usual entertainment for the night! All I can say is if the RV is dressed as an ice cream truck when I go home tonight I’m towing it myself.


  2. Who out there is dressed up in costume for work, and what is your costume? (I’m a “dress code violator” wearing jeans and sneakers — figure it’s the one day of the year to get away with it.) I saw a lady at Peet’s this morning wearing spandex bike shorts, a sportbra, and UGG boots. I don’t think it was a costume.


  3. Someone at my work is wearing an amazing Vampire costume, complete with jewelry and nails and makeup and a black rose. It’s truly awesome. He told me that he’s looking for his countess. I’m serious. However I am married. Also I do not sleep in a coffin.


  4. We have a few really good witches here, and some coworkers have gone completely old school since we have a (female) Lieutenant Columbo and a Jessica Fletcher..yes, that would be Angela Lansbury’s character on “Murder She Wrote.”

    The entries in our pumpkin contest are amazing — one of them has an entire side carved open and there is a diorama of an autumnal village, complete with a functioning railroad!


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