CoolDMZ family witnessed Zoo lockdown!

You heard about the high speed chase that ended inside the Sacramento Zoo, as a trio of car thieves drove through the back gate of the zoo. Mrs Cool and the young’uns were on the scene! They were headed toward the giraffes, when suddenly it became clear something was wrong. Then they were herded into the gift shop by very helpful and quick-acting zoo employees, and spent several tense minutes inside on lockdown, waiting for it all to play out.

No photos — even if she had been able to snap them she says she probably would have refrained, as the kids were not exactly loving this. They didn’t see the perps, but they did see police storming the place. Plenty of folks in the gift shop were crowding near the windows (the dudes were not armed, but what if they had been?) snapping photos. That would have made a great photo — folks grabbing shots for the Facebook page while their kids cried in strollers.

My kids pointed out that “it had a happy ending,” and the oldest declared it “the coolest thing that has ever happened.”

Free admission at the zoo today

Creative Commons License photo credit: larry&flo

If your kids are not starting school today and you’re looking for some fun activities, remember that admission to the Sacramento Zoo is free today and next Monday, courtesy of your friends at Target Brands, Inc.

And remember that if you’re there at 11:45am or 2pm you can pay $3 to feed a giraffe. I believe they reimburse you the $3 if the giraffes are not hungry.

Speaking of Target, I was inordinately excited to see the big bullseye logos up on the new super store on 65th last week. I can’t be the only one…

Boo at the Zoo

We took the family to “Boo at the Zoo” for some Halloween revelry Saturday night. It was a great costume party for the whole town, and it seemed like the whole town was there — they might want to open up a little bit more of the zoo next year. Since they had the train going down the main avenue I take it that area is not off limits at night: they should probably open that up to take some of the strain off the narrow walkways around the pond. The dance party tent was a great addition.

The best costume I saw on a grownup was a guy in a Halo soldier costume wearing an apron and carrying a spatula: “Master Chef.” Nice work, whoever you are. I also saw a totally scary Ray Trethaway costume. 🙂

Carousel coming to the zoo

KC zoo
Carousel Works’ work at the Kansas City Zoo

According to the Sacramento Zoo email newsletter, the Zoo is planning to add a carousel by next spring.

Yes! A carousel at the Sacramento Zoo! Well, not quite yet… By next spring, we will have a beautiful carousel located in our shaded Redwood Grove area (where the Magellanic Penguin temporary exhibit was previously located). This carousel will feature 32 carefully hand carved animals from the skilled craftsmen at Carousel Works – maybe your favorite animal will be one of them!

The carousel is being crafted by Carousel Works out of Mansfield, Ohio. At approximately 300 feet apart, I’m going to make the bold proclamation that this carousel and the one at Funderland are the two carousels in closest proximity to each other in the entire world. Prove me wrong. Roadside carnivals don’t count.

You can call me Betty (Giraffe)

Give… us… nametags…

Checking out the Zoo yesterday with my mom and my daughters I realized something about zoos that for some reason I’ve never thought of before: they never show the public the animals’ names. I’m positive that the zookeepers know each animal’s name, and granted it would be difficult to explain which zebra is which, but wouldn’t it introduce an extra element of fun to the proceedings? “Ooh that one must be Sally, because that stripe below her ear has a little crook to it”…

Is this something you see at other zoos? The new penguin exhibit does show the names for each bird, and it is extremely difficult to tell them apart. But it is fun and the names are cute. I’m telling you, this could be a hit.

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Sacramento’s sexy wildlife

There’s not much I can say to introduce this, save that it was an email to us Sacramento Zoo members and I thought it would make a great start to the week for all of us:

Greetings Zoo Members!

Looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day? Check out SWING WITH
YOUR SWEETIE AT THE ZOO on Wednesday, February 14th from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Treat your sweetheart to a unique evening of fun, fur and feathers as we
transform the Kampala Lounge into the rockin’ swing era of the 40’s!
Join us a Coconut Mary’s for a swanky reception and buffet dinner. Then
travel to the Jungle Room where Zoo Keepers give up the little known
secrets of some very sexy, saucy wildlife!

This event is adult in theme; only 21 years of age and over will be
allowed to attend.
Single tickets are $40 and couples tickets are $70 for Zoo Members.
Contact the Membership Office at (916)808-5888 or use the link below to
RSVP, for more information and for a full menu:

Lost in the zoo

Zoo on-site veterinary hospitalI haven’t seen the Zoo’s new veterinary hospital yet, but my wife and daughters saw it yesterday, the day after its grand opening. As you can see from the thumbnail image (all I could find), it is a rustic building in the middle of a jungle-like setting. Mrs Cool caught a glimpse inside the open door, though, and spied a fully stocked operating room with an empty operating table, which put her immediately in mind of a certain TV show about people who are Lost on an island. That tall shaggy-haired orangutan better watch out, because Pickett has got that gleam in his eye…

Tricks and/or treats

Despite the fact that I blog here every day under a geeky fake name, CoolDMZ and Mrs Cool do not dress in costume for Halloween (although if I did, it would be BSG related). We’re planning to take the girls (both “nice” witches) in a little loop around the hood and then we’re going to hit the church event and then maybe Boo at the Zoo. I also understand there is an event at IKEA which is a little too weird, although most IKEA product names would make great candy names (“dude you totally scored some EKTHORPE!”) and we got invited to Midtown Safeway (by a clerk who was inviting everyone, but still, partay!!)
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