Halloween wrap-up

We enjoyed some high-returns trick-or-treating last night in Tahoe Park (specifically the region between 11th and Raymond Aves and 58th-60th streets. It was positively hoppin, a great vibe.) Witches seemed to be very popular. As usual, the most popular costume had to be “punky high schooler walking around with a pillowcase full of candy” (and I know that’s not limited to TP…)

When we got home and reviewed the photos we realized that I wore the same outfit as last year, which is funny considering it’s a night specifically about dressing up, even though as I previously stated I do not participate. Read on for the photo comparison…

Here is me last year with a fairy princess:
Fairy Princess: Halloween 2005

And here is last night with a tiny “scary” witch (she was a butterfly last year, but not pictured):
Scary Witch: Halloween 2006

There is just something about a grey sweater, jeans and black Converse shoes that just calls out to me on Halloween (and every other 30 year old male, every single other day of the year)…

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