Step 1: Defrost your windshield

With this week’s cold snap, it should take people a little longer to hit the road to ensure plenty of time to have windshields fully defrosted. 

Please don’t be one of those idiots who attempts to drive with a collective 1 square foot of defrosted areas on the windshield.  I nearly got creamed by someone this morning who was weaving all over the road while apparently trying to wipe clean the inside of his/her windshield — the windshield wipers were working furiously on the outside to no avail.  (Note that I was running on the sidewalk and was wearing an OSHA-approved day-glo yellow construction shirt with six 3″ wide bands of reflective material on it, plus a powerful LED headlamp, and reflective material on my hat and shoes.)

My suggestion?  Start your engine and turn on the defroster and heater.  Stand near a window inside your house where you can see your car and use the time while your car is warming up to check your voicemail, e-mails, or to peruse the paper some more; this way, you can keep an eye on your car while the engine is running.  (I could have had no fewer than five free cars this morning while unattended vehicles were rid of their frost.) 

3 thoughts on “Step 1: Defrost your windshield”

  1. In my case, cleaning out my garage so my car could actually fit into it would solve the problem. 🙂


  2. Or you could, like me, single handedly lower your property value by throwing a gigantic green tarp over your car only to discover that there was not enough moisture in the air to frost over…


  3. It was really odd — I noticed that some cars were frosted over, while others (like mine) were totally dry. It took less than a mile for the heated seats to be in full effect, so life was good this morning.

    Our “new” house is in a 60+ year old neighborhood where most garages were built for one small car. Our cross-the-street neighbors can barely fit their Mini in theirs.

    RTOI, it’s not like you had your car up on blocks, right? I think people can handle a tarp for the night, so long as it’s not a regular practice. (And your Christmas lights are down, right?) It’s amusing seeing the assortment of sheets and towels covering pipes, trees, and flowers during this cold snap. Spongebob Squarepants seems to be the most popular character on such items.


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