Bring ’em back

Had the sacrag been around 10-20 years ago, we’d surely be writing about the demise of some of these establishments that I’d like to see make a comeback:

Pizza & Pipes — This was on Arden near Morse, where Total Beauty Experience is now. While grubbing on pizza, customers were treated to the sweet sounds of the swinging Wurlitzer organ. We often made the trip down the hill from Auburn so my parents could sing along to their favorite WWII songs, all while I’d kick my brother’s butt at Centipede in the arcade.

Food Circus — Where Market Square at Arden Fair stands used to be a Corti Brothers market and what seemed to be endless options for casual dining fare.

Sacramento Inn Theater — Near where the Red Lion Sacramento Inn is located, this theater was one of a few in town that showed more artsy movies. It probably went under because my friends and I were usually the only people in the whole joint. The story is the same for the theater that used to be at Watt & Marconi.

Farrell’s — Who didn’t have a childhood birthday at Farrell’s? Did you ever finish “the trough” or have the drums beaten in your honor? Farrell’s was always the perfect stop after an afternoon of ice skating at Birdcage Walk.

Enough reminiscing..gotta get back to American Idol now.

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  1. I grew up in a different part of the state. I walked home from school past an open field. The open field has been replaced by a strip mall and condos.


  2. I loved that Sac Inn theater, and I too have had the “me and my friends are the only people in here” experience. And man, that food circus, it was a treat. I remember that Corti market being the darkest supermarket ever. It had dark red Italian style linoleum on the floor and fake grapes hanging from the ceiling. It was wonderful.


  3. I always felt kind of sorry for those birds, trapped in a cage in Citrus Heights, rather than living in some tropical paradise somewhere.


  4. Wow, I suddenly feel 8 again. Actually, on my eighth birthday, I went under the table when they started beating the drums at Farrell’s. And I’m not sure how we all could be the only one’s at the Sac. Inn Theater… but I think we were. I hope the same fate doesn’t befall the Tower.


  5. I have a different memory of Farrell’s. My friend and I were there and left not more than an hour before the jet crash.

    Our parents knew that’s where we were heading, and they thought that’s where we still were. Scary, scary day.


  6. Yikes, FP. That was the Freeport location near Executive Airport, right? I think the airshow thata resulted in the horrific crash was a 20-30 Club fundraiser. How scary that must have been for your parents.

    Basuraman, a few of us have admitted on previous posts to having gone to Rocky Horror at Birdcage when they used to have the $1 movies. Love your screen name! (Are you one of the Sac County basura workers who was on strike last summer?)


  7. Oh, yes… went to the Sacramento Inn, Birdcage walk and Arden Fair theaters many times to see Rocky Horror. The 49er Drive In is also sorely missed.

    For that matter, we should also bring back Bob Wilkins, Tom LaBrie and Cap’n Mitch.


  8. We used to drive up from Stockton for Rocky Horror when it was at the old Arden Fair Theaters. We also noted that Pizza and Pipes was blatantly false advertising. No pipes, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!


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