Uncle Vito’s Grand Opening – Tonight!

Sorry about the late notice, but Midtown’s newest pizza place is selling $1 slices and $2 beers. Uncle Vito’s is attached both physically and financially to Pronto, at 16th between O and P. The decor is typical wannabe New York, with black and white photos of Lennon, Times Square, Coney Island, etc etc. My slice was good, but only a rough approximation of a “New York” style slice. Not that it was bad, just not what I would consider authentic, like Georgio’s, which is Sacramento’s closest cousin to a true NY slice. Bonus points for a full bar and Eye of the Hawk on tap. BTW, is there a law that says that pizza in Midtown has to be sold by chicks with full sleeves of tattoos?
Cash only tonight.

22 thoughts on “Uncle Vito’s Grand Opening – Tonight!”

  1. um…duh…I got so excited at the prospect of pizza slices in Sacramento that I didn’t finish reading. 🙂


  2. well in your defense, “attached both physically and financially” is not exactly a standard address format…


  3. I’ll have to check it out, although it is a small personal irony, because I do have an Uncle Vito, but he lives in Chicago–personally I prefer Chicago-style deep dish (and there is a Chicago-style place coming to 24th and J, which may or may not stack up against a Zelda’s pie.) I’ll have to check this place out and find out if my uncle Vito would approve.

    Seems like a lot of pizza pie is coming to midtown: there will be a local by-the-slice place at MARRS on 20th and K (Luigi’s, so I hear), and the non-local California Pizza Kitchen in the Goodyear building on 16th and L.


  4. Hmmm…more pizza in Sac.

    The best pizza I’ve had in Sac is at Spataro’s or Paragary’s Bar and Grill. It’s is authentic Neopolitan pizza. Thin crust, perfect mix of toppings, a little char on the bottom.

    I’d like to try Georgio’s though.


  5. Uncle Vito’s 16th between O and P, attached to Pronto.

    Ha, I am retard. GIOVANNI’S PIZZA.
    Giovanni’s Pizza @ 6200 Folsom (near Hoppy Brewing), 5924 S Land Park (South of Fulton), 2701 Del Paso (near the crackhead) (kidding!), 2449 Fair Oaks (at Fulton)

    CPK is moving into the Goodyear?


  6. Hey Stickie,

    I was just sittin here smokin’ some crack, so I totally believed you when you said the name was Georgio’s!

    Giovanni’s..now I know where that is.


  7. The CPK is one of the people they are courting, I don’t know if it is official yet.

    Me, I’m a Zelda’s bigot, but that’s largely due to my preference for deep dish, and my Windy City origins. I used to be okay with Pieces but for some reason the pizza always smells just a little too much like patchouli.


  8. wburg: Is it Chicago Fire Pizza that’s going in at 24th & J? I think I read that in Shallit’s column a couple months ago. They offer both the thin crust and deep dish options.


  9. Georgio’s is on 3nd and Clement in San Francisco. I would an ocassional slice there when I wasn’t eating at The Front Room, at 9th and Clement.

    I have always been a big fan of Pieces, but it is just too greasy for me. I get the feeling that they use butter in the crust, because the little vegan pies are not as greasy.

    Oddly enough, I prefer Zelda’s takeout over eating it there. Greatly. It gives time for the pie to settle. !5 minutes in the box and it is perfect.


  10. runnergirl: That’s the one…I happened to be at the DRPB meeting where Chicago Fire presented and heard deep-dish mentioned. Good to know they’ll have multiple options.

    For the full-strength Zelda’s experience, I eat one or two slices at the restaurant, pack it to go, eat a slice when I get home, and have the rest for breakfast. Like a fine wine or cheese, the character of the pizza changes over the whole spectrum.


  11. You can always chck out Folsom’s branch of Chicago Fire if you want to try it out. Strangely enough though, their thin crust pizza is much better than their Chicago deep dish.


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