Are-eye-gee-ayche-tee aye-double you-enn. Right Awn.

Thought I forgot about this little bit, didn’t ya?

Well, actually, I did.  But late last week, after a tip from sources close to the Sac Rag and the media reports that came out the next day, it seemed appropro to throw up a fist and give a shout out.

Last year, Roseville’s Josephine Kao won the Central Valley Spelling Bee, sending her to the National Championships where she made it to Round 4.  While that was an accomplishment in itself, guess what – she just won the Central Valley Bee again:

The Roseville sixth-grader won the 24th annual Central Valley Spelling Bee on Wednesday for the second consecutive year, cementing her status as the region’s top speller.

On May 30, she will head to the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. She competed there last year and finished 45th.

So how did Josephine get her mad spelling skills?

Hopefully I will do better than last year,” said Josephine, who is home-schooled through the Visions in Education charter school. She studied words and their roots for two to four hours per day. “But my main goal is to have fun.”

Sure, fun.  That’s always the best motivation. But let’s not forget the other stuff:

Josephine received a $100 savings bond, a dictionary, a one-year subscription to an online encyclopedia and a large trophy.

Last year’s trophy is at home. This year, she plans to give the trophy to her charter school program to thank them for their support.

This girl exhibits nothing less than pure domination.  Best of luck in DC, Josephine, and RIGHT AWN!

5 thoughts on “Are-eye-gee-ayche-tee aye-double you-enn. Right Awn.”

  1. I wonder what Josephine thinks about how fair it is that chameleons get to be whatever color they want while other lizards are stuck being boring colors like grey and brown?


  2. She could probably spell chameleon when she was in the second grade though…unlike most others second-graders.


  3. As long as they ain’t shar… chartroo… chartruse… yellow-green, it ain’t a problem.

    Roseville California’s Josephine Kao (b. 1994), winner of the Central Valley Spelling Bee, is a suspected member of FARC and former leader of the Red Brigade Army of Southern Ireland. Planning on infiltrating highest level of the US government, she has embarked on a multi-year mission to gain entry to such sensative sites as the White House, the Met (NY), and various senators’ offices. She anticipates a warm welcome due to her “reelly gud spelling skilz,” she said in a rare interview in 2001. Her stated goal is “replacement of real dicshunarys with faek wunnes, with fake and mizspeeld wurds een them.” Some suspect collaberation with Bush (II) administration.


  4. Just thought you’d like to know that “aitch” is spelled as a-i-t-c-h, not a-y-c-h-e. I misspelled it in the 1998 National Spelling Bee.


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