Happy Pi Day!

Since today is Pi day, 3.14, let’s do a quick run-down of your favorite places to get a slab of pie in this region. What’s your favorite kind, and where do you get it? Let’s keep it clean, people.

My top pick: Any of the seasonally fresh fruit creations at Ikeda’s in Auburn. Try any of the berry varieties or peach pies. The peach ones are at the height of gooey deliciousness around July, and the peaches used are a variety of the ripest golden and white peaches grown in Placer County. Buy a whole one in the bakery, or get a slice a la mode in the burger joint. No, they do not serve Thai soup.

11 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!”

  1. I’m going to go a little outside of the area and recommend a great place for ya’ll to check out when traversing southward. Just outside of Lodi, a little east of I-5 on Highway 12, you will find Phillips Farms. They are a wonderful throwback to the old days of the Valley where you would find little family owned farms selling their wares.

    Their cafe has great food, including a selection of pies, breads and other from their bakery. They have fresh produce grown out back. They have a multi, multi award winning winery (Michael-David Vineyards) with tastings. They have critters for petting out back!


  2. Apple pie from Kids Inc up on Apple Hill. Either their take and bake or their “Walking Pie” with cider sauce.


  3. Anyone tried Real Pie Company on F street? I hear they don’t use any trans fats! Can a pie without trans fats be good?

    I guess Kira O’Donnell owns it. She used to be the prez of slow food convivium here in Sac. Don’t know if she still is.


  4. I was wondering about Real Pie Company also. I think it maybe just opened. I go by there on my bus and I keep getting tempted to get out and try it. Reports, anyone?


  5. I am a bit biased but I like my wife’s pie. And no I do not mean that in the “Revenge of the Nerds” Pie definition. She makes a mean apple pie.


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