Calling all Sacramento historians

Ok, folks, I’m looking for help settling a bet between a couple of buddies. Years ago there was a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store located at Watt & Fair Oaks next to the Casablanca restaurant. I’m looking for an approximate year that the store closed to become one of many cell phone retailers.

In similar news, I had to let go of my memory that there once was a Leatherby’s in Loehmann’s Plaza where Giovanni’s pizza no resides.

As you were.

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10 thoughts on “Calling all Sacramento historians”

  1. Well, the Baskin Robbins closed in 99-00, if memory serves, to be replaced by a “Double Rainbow” which only lasted a year or so before it became a revolving cell phone retailer.


  2. There was a Baskin Robbins that closed about 4 years ago.

    you say the word and I will bring on the controversy…


  3. I agree with HeyMeg

    My third date with the future Mrs. Amant was at Casablanca on Sunday May 19, 2002.


  4. Although I am a fan of the Double Rainbow ice cream, I am sure that it was Gold Medal Ribbon on a sugar cone. Might have been more like 5 years as I know our boy didn’t get anything.


  5. Thank you for calling it “Baskin-Robbins” instead of “31 Flavors” like I’ve heard others call it in the past. I can’t remember when the Watt & FOB location changed hands; all I know is that I rolled up one day with my “pint for a pint” voucher from Bloodsource, and it was a cell phone store.


  6. Your best bet would be to contact the leasing agent for that shopping center/strip mall (there’s usually a sign posted somewhere on the property (up front next to the street if there are vacancies). You could also try contacting the property manager (any of the lessees at the shopping center would have the property management info).

    If you had access to a commercial real estate website (or someone you know did), then I’d suggest looking up expired leases (I understand the bet isn’t THAT serious but I thought I’d toss out these options anyway).

    And, no, I have no access to that particular info (don’t know the location and while I’ve worked in commercial real estate for seven years, I don’t currently have the kind of info access you need, sorry).


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