RT Rider Poll: Which seat do you take?

When I got on the bus the other day I realized that unlike on an airplane, where you have solid reasons for preferring an aisle or window seat, on a bus your choice of seat is much more instinctual. You choose window or aisle without really thinking about it. I suppose maybe an aisle seat is more likely to deter seat sharing, but I really think the choice is more deep-seated than that. Also I wanted to test out this polling plugin. So read on and take the poll if you will…


Update: A major implementation flaw with the poll plugin — and on any polling feature that tracks by IP address, which most of them do — is that on some big networks, every connected computer will register at the same IP address. Meaning one poll taker from the Department of Fish and Game will close the poll to all the others. Hmm…

Author: CoolDMZ

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