Democrazy in action

The old saying about democracy is “one man, one vote”. In Roseville, they almost take that literally:

A $115 million bond measure for a new high school in Roseville was passed Tuesday in an election involving only 12 voters.

Eleven of the 12 voters cast ballots in favor of the new high school. Only a dozen voters were eligible because they are the only ones who live in the westside neighborhood where the school will be built.

That’s a 100% turn out, with 91.6% of all votes cast supporting the bond measure, and 8.4% of all votes cast (the one guy/gal) against the bond measure. That’s a pretty strong decision. Majority rules.

What’s even cooler about this vote is that the people voting were doing so on behalf of others who don’t even live there yet:

Rich Strickland, deputy superintendent of the Roseville Joint Union High School District, said the area doesn’t have many voters because the first of some 25,000 homes expected in the Fiddyment Farm area are currently under construction. The development is expected to bring an additional 2,000 students high school students. Strickland said the district doesn’t want to try to cram the children into Roseville’s existing high schools which are already overcrowded.

And, construction won’t even start until 2012. That’s some pretty farsighted thinking by those 11 people on behalf of Roseville. Good on ya, area voters, for demonstrating how important a vote can be. RIGHT AWN!

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