‘Tis the Season…

for beer festivals! I will be keeping you up to date on all the beer happenings in the area this summer.

Beer festivals are always a good excuse to drink in the name of charity. Also, did you ever notice that almost all of the charities that these fests support are children’s charities? Do you know why we need so many children’s charities? They are too young to drink beer, so people feel sorry for them.

Raley Field Beerfest is being put on for the first time this year as the annual beer fest for the Northern California Brewer’s Guild, which is headed up by Rubicon owner Glynn Phillips. The event is tomorrow, Saturday the 12th. I have no idea what time this event starts as the organizers have done a “less-than-stellar” job at promoting it. Admission includes 10 complementary tastings, more can be purchased. One small suggestion to the NorCal Brewers… You have a web site. Maybe you would, oh, I don’t know, promote your event on your web site?!?!!?!? Promote it somewhere? One more note – No one in their right mind is going to pay almost $9 in Ticketmaster fees for a $25 ticket when we can buy one onsite for $30. Beer patrons, arrive early and anticipate a long line. Expect between 30 and 40 breweries from across Northern California.

The 8th Annual West Coast Brew Fest is the following Saturday, May 19th, from 1-5pm at Miller Park. Notice the handy link to a web site where you can get maps, information, and purchase a ticket with no service charge that is actually $5 cheaper than onsite the day of the event. No tokens, admission gives you unlimited tastes. Expect almost 50 breweries from across the West Coast and beyond.

Drink safely, my friends, and drink only the best.

And, for the love of all that is holy, drink beer to save a child.

6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…”

  1. BBQ festivals I get…Garlic Festivals I get…Cheese festivals…but Beer isn’t a beer festival just an a DUI death in waiting?


  2. re: but Beer isn’t a beer festival just an a DUI death in waiting?

    1) You’ll find that the overwhelming majority of people who go to these fests are responsible enough to be able to do this safely. You’ll see a lot of cabs and a lot of people walking back to public transit. People hang out in the park at the WCBF and walk along the river, play frisbee and hacky sack, and sober up.
    2) Designated drivers usually get in for free or a nominal charge and are encouraged with free sodas and such. LOTS of people come as designated drivers.
    3) Honestly, I have worked these events for years, and the number of people who are “smashed” is not as high as people might assume.
    4) There are usually a LOT of police onsight acting as a not-so-subtle reminder that they are aware that this is a beer festival that people drove to.
    5) You ever get into a car with someone really hopped up on garlic and cheese? Whoo, doggie, that’s a dangerous ride.


  3. have you ever seen how much beer they have in Safeway? that place is a whole city of DUIs waiting to happen…


  4. I usually start the beer festival by taking a fistfull of roofies and washing them down with a refreshing pilsner, that way I’m a rarin’ to go.


  5. Oh, I’d also like to add that the Raley Field Beerfest was very well organized as the ballpark employees manned the ticket counters and gates, so no problem with long lines or a lack security. Plenty of good beer from across NorCal, including a good representation of the Sacramento Breweries and Cidermakers.
    The layout was a little restricting as it took place in the main corridor of Raley Field, along the first and third base lines, and it was all concrete. I prefer the outdoor fests with trees and such, with more freeroaming chaos instead of having all of the vendors in two long, uniform lines. No problem with the beer fest sunburn, though, unless you spent time in the smoking area listening to the band.
    Cheers! Here’s to more good years, but maybe the future beerfests can be held out in the “Cantina” section in the outfield. The food vendors and bathrooms and all that would still be there, but there would be more opportunities to lounge on the grass, dance to the bands and enjoy the sunshine.


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