KCRA, YouTube ink deal

My YouTube buddy just hooked me up with the news that Hearst-Argyle Television has reached a content agreement with Google to provide a new channel on YouTube. Finally, online video from KCRA.

KCRA’s YouTube Channel … will be populated with news, weather, and entertainment videos as well as with original, local television programming such as “Chronicle,” one of New England’s most honored television programs.

Where the news from back east comes first.

Interesting bit at the end there about a digital video initiative to cover “local amateur entertainment.” Wonder how that will take shape…

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7 thoughts on “KCRA, YouTube ink deal”

  1. it could be worse…KOVR 13 could be expanding their coverage too…but as beavis and butthead used to say (in my younger days) “you can’t polish a turd.” All of our local news needs a makeover….and scruples.


  2. If only KCRA could get its own news clips to work. For the past month whenever they try to show a clip it’s just flashing black bars. And don’t get me started on the HD “Livecopter” problems [“Can you hear me now?”]. For all the technology, it would be nice just to be able to show something.


  3. How awesome would it be for all of KCRA’s pieces to be filmed on 16mm cameras without sound. I would totally watch that newcast every night.


  4. Did anyone see Adrien Bankert sitting in for Fitz today on the noon news? She looked so serious compared to Walt Grey, but lost her chance to shine when Walt took over during the wall to wall 2 hour coverage of the shooting in El Dorado County.


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