Personal upkeep for less

Most of us have things on which we’re OK spending a small fortune (running shoes & anti-aging skincare/sunscreen for me), but there are other items where we just don’t want to fork over any more money than possible.

Even though the Metro look for guys seems to be passe, guys, please feel free to chime in without feeling emasculated.

Here are a few places I’ve found where you can get quality services performed without breaking the bank:

Sara’s Hair Salon

Trolley Plaza on Fair Oaks Blvd. across from Pavilions

Just steps away from the perennial line-out-the-door Supercuts, you can get a quality haircut for $12-15 from seasoned professionals.  Persian native Sara, her brother, and sister-in-law Roya operate this salon.  The conversation is either lively or subdued (depending on your preference that particular day — they’re good at reading customers & if they’re wanting to chat), and these three have built a cult-like following of loyal customers.

This is the perfect place to drop off your car at Pavilion Car Wash, then make the short walk over to Sara’s for a trim.

Ultimate Nails

Loehmann’s Plaza, across from Scott’s Seafood & next to Thai House

Get a mani-pedi for $27 in the reclining massage chair.  Not only are they generous with the amount of time spent on the hand and foot massage portion of your treatment, but there’s usually a movie playing on their flat-screen TV.  I’ve seen 60 minute segments of many fine films (if you can call “A Walk to Remember” a film), then go home and log onto the movie spoiler website to see what I missed.   Manager/owner Tony runs a clean and efficient shop, and the ladies working on my toes never make fun of me for missing a toenail or two (or more) from running — they just paint over where the nail would be.

After you’re finished, pick up some Thai takeout from Thai House next door.  Their green curry is awesome, as is the mango with sticky rice.

Diane’s Nails

Arden Town Center, just down the way from Beach Hut Deli

While I’ve never gotten my nails done at this place, they do have an excellent brow waxer on duty.  Working quickly and adroitly, she’s a bargain at $10.  Guys, if you’re into the man-scaping thing, but not paying a lot for it, check it out.

8 thoughts on “Personal upkeep for less”

  1. Thanks for the tips! Especially the hair. We pay a fortune downtown (ehhh..we haven’t been for awhile) so I think we’ll check out Trolley Plaza. I love my stylist, but lately he’s been spending too much time on his blackberry when he’s supposed to be doing my strands. 🙂 He must be in love.


  2. OK…you have hit a nerve…Sara’s Hair Salon is where I should have gone. I went to supercuts..which should be called super sit there any wait for an hour while slow people take hours to do a freakin buzz cut…
    I will never go back to that super cuts. Urgency and speed are not their forte.
    Ok I am done.


  3. One thing I forgot to mention in my write-up of Sara’s is what I encountered getting my hair done for our wedding.

    For the actual wedding, on a Friday night up in Auburn, I got my updo done at a more upscale salon and spent $180 plus tip. It took two full hours (and I’m still taking all the pins out of my hair, more than a year later.)

    The following day, we had a party — our version of a wedding reception, only without all the usual wedding reception stuff — here in town. I got my updo done at Sara’s. I was out the door in less than 30 minutes and spent $25 plus tip.


  4. It’s Donna’s Nails in the Arden Town Center… and don’t bother getting a mani there… it was HORRIBLE! I will try them at waxing before I write them off.
    If you have some time on your hands stop by my personal favorite Elegant Nail on Fulton and Arden next to Paradyme. I do believe it is singular, but they do all of your nails elegantly.


  5. You’re right! It is Donna’s. The singular “nail” is popular nomenclature, as there is a place called “Ten Pretty Nail” in the south area. BTW, I always bring my own “color” instead of picking a color so I can do touch-ups later on.


  6. Well aren’t you just as sweet as buttercream frosting? Thank you for making my day, birthday girl!


  7. Thanks Runnergirl! I took you up on your recommendation of Sara’s and got myself a nice little summer ‘do for waaay less than my usual stylist. I have to say – it does look pretty good on me!


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