Apparently worth a mention…

Via Central City Opinion it appears that a little magazine called National Geographic has mentioned this here web log in its new Destination Guide to Sacramento. They call us “hip” and highlight the Local Idiots category.

Cheers to all. Congrats to the Sacatomato and Metblogging folks as well.

Author: CoolDMZ

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13 thoughts on “Apparently worth a mention…”

  1. Very cool! So…this being “hip” thing..does that mean I need to start carrying a lunch box as a purse?

    OK, I’m so not hip that I’m sure that fad is uber passe by now, which would be great since “lunch box purse” doesn’t exactly comply with the company dress code.

    Oooh..maybe I’ll use the cat cage instead, or the plastic snow chains case (by the way, these are both the suggestions of Sac-Eats, who is much more hip than I am.)


  2. Congratulations!

    Hey, Runnergirl:

    Haven’t we been through this lunchbox bit before?

    “runnergirl said on 06/26/06 at 2:19 PM (link):
    I think you’re a “would be” hipster until you show proof for three weeks straight that you use a lunchbox as a purse and listen only to music & wear clothing that came out before you were even born so as to avoid anything remotely mainstream, then you get your official hipster card. (Of course, with my NOT being a hipster, I’m probably three years too late with the lunchbox comment.)”

    When was the last time you actually saw someone carrying a lunchbox for a purse? For me, it was about 13 years ago. So, what’s your hangup? Is it left over from high school? Do I need to give you my metal Hardy Boys lunch box?


  3. That’s awesome! Congrats! I am wondering though now that we’re in National Geographic do some of us need to pose with our shirts off. Seems to me that was the most fascinating part of the magazine when I was in grade school. I nominate the Game Guy. He’s done it before.


  4. Hey there cats. Hip is a state of mind, you dig. You don’t need to pomade your hair or peg your pants or roll up a pack of Luckies in your t-shirt to be hip. You just need to open your mind and push yourself out of the square, chief.
    And I saw someone carrying a lunchbox purse last Second Saturday. Lay it on me, Nelson.


  5. Yes, it’s a hang-up for me apparently. 🙂

    However, it’s not leftover from high school since that was a fad that was going on after I was out of college (15 years ago, so your 13 years ago comment is spot-on), in the workforce, dressing professionally for my career, and one day had the realization that although I was only a couple years older than the college hipsters, our lives were very very different — not better or worse, just different.

    What’s funny to me now is that the hipster kids are wearing the stuff that was popular when I was in high school. At least it’s not people my age wearing it — if you’re old enough to remember when it was popular the first time, you’re too old to be wearing it now.


  6. I’m not as old as you, but I, too, find it odd that the styles of the 1980’s are now considered “retro” and “hip”.


  7. Oooh! I’m so glad to hear that! Some of the stuff was bad enough then — stirrup pants, slouch socks, Flashdance-inspired tops = yuck. And they’re not even listening to the GOOD music from the ’80s either!


  8. Man, how ’bout that mention in National Geographic? I wonder if the “co” winner of the SNR award took notice?


  9. Good point, Hank… Let’s go ahead and be the bigger blog and give a shout out to Heckasac, the aforementioned co-winner for Best Local Blog 2006…


  10. Thanks, Hank, for getting us back on track (as you and Pointfinder are wont to do) with National Geographic vs. fashion choices. Who else grew up in a household where issues of the magazine were stockpiled?


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