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Having had a recent pet emergency (lilies are toxic to kitties, as are many other plants and flowers, so get your fluffball urgent care, and keep flowers out of the house — out of reach is not enough, I learned), I thought I’d give a run-down on my experience with some of Ken the Katthe region’s veterinarians.

Our beloved feline is fine, thanks to the fine folks at VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center. We were referred to VCA from another VCA clinic (on Manzanita, south of Madison), and we were referred to them by the Banfield inside of Petsmart on Watt Avenue.

Here’s my take on some of the vet clinics I’ve encountered over the years:

VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center: This is a huge, brand new, beautiful facility with quintessentially professional and caring staff. The vet who helped us, Dr. Kim, seemed like someone who would read this here blog. He was young, hip (no lunchbox purse, however), and very adept and “good bedside manner.” I heart Dr. Kim. This facility is open to anyone — appointments are taken, but they also have 24/7 emergency care.

VCA on Manzanita, south of Madison: I only experienced this clinic for about 10 minutes, and then they referred me to the hospital noted above. The two ladies working on Saturday evening were so empathetic and friendly. They were the perfect first impression to the VCA family of clinics. I heart them too.

Banfield inside Petsmart: I go here because it’s close to home, but there is always a long wait, despite our having an appointment. The vets and nurses are always ALWAYS kind. I would like to assume the long wait is because they’re tending to animals with more urgent needs than our kitty’s needs, but I honestly think they’re chronically short-staffed. Ken the Kat and I waited a full hour this afternoon until anyone came in to see us.

Mueller Animal Hospital on Freeport: This is where we went when I lived in the Pocket area. They have 24/7 access, and they are incredibly caring and thorough. They sent me a heartfelt hand-written note when I had to have my last kitty put down. I heart Mueller.

Might I also recommend pet health insurance? It costs monthly about what you’d pay for lunch or a casual dinner, and you get reimbursed upwards of 80% for vet costs.

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  1. We take ours animals to VCA All Our Pets over on Folsom Blvd. We like it ok. We found out though that Animal Den, our usual boarding place, does vaccinations for about half the normal cost on Saturdays

    All Our Pets
    Animal Den

    Here are the animals by the way, I think they’re pretty cute too
    Henry and Scout


  2. The cat is indeed beautiful!

    We like VCA Greenhaven because they start with somewhat hippie-ish remedies before escalating to the latest in vet technology. When my 95 lb Lab ate half a homemade (baked from scratch, for my anniversary!) chocolate cake and I was freaking out because chocolate is supposed to be deadly to dogs, they told us to watch her, that she would probably react much like a human that has had too much caffeine. They told us how to make her vomit, but we didn’t need to. Apparently the size of the dog and the amount of chocolate makes a difference. And when my chow mix ate everything (blankets, frisbees, dogpoo, magnolia buds–they call it dietary indiscretion) and got sick they just had us feed her some white rice for a couple of days and take away the blankets. Both dogs are fine, but I have found some vets overly willing to run a complete battery of tests (including dental exams) when the problem could just be something simple. I don’t like vets who prey on the guilt of pet owners, and I would be more inclined to trust VCA Greenhaven if they tell me something is seriously wrong, because the minor things have been treated as such–just minor things.


  3. We also take both our cats to VCA that you went to. We haven’t been to the new location yet, but have visited them at their old location numerous times for abscesses. (One of our cats have a tendency to not back down at a fight.) We started going to them after another vet’s (on La Riveria Dr.) idea of emergency service is to have a recording suggesting you check the yellow pages for a vet with emergency care. The VCA vets and office staff are great. We heart them!


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