Daphne’s: Not Just Scooby Snacks Anymore

scoobydoogang01.jpgIn my work-a-day neck of the woods, a new restaurant opening is treated with the same awe and wonderment that the Incas would have given to a total eclipse of the sun on the summer solstice while the simultaneous atmospheric entry of a comet crushed their god-king during a leap year.  So, it was with great fanfare that Daphne’s Greek Cafe, Richmond Grove’s newest eatery, opened its doors to the hungry public.  Located in the Safeway shopping center on 19th and S, Daphne’s takes up some prime real estate and makes the most of it with conspicuous signage, a logo wrapped SUV in the front parking stall and wafting scents of lamb turning slowly on a vertical spit.

The story of Daphne is not, as I first assumed, a reference to that hot lesbian on the Scooby Doo cartoons, but rather to one of those rather creepy Greek mythology tales involving unrequited love, unnatural birthing and some kind of transmogrification.  What that has to do with olives and feta, I have no clue, and why you’d name your restaurant after such a figure I have no idea.  But I’m not Greek, and maybe it’s part of the whole ancient lineage thing that escapes me.  I’ll have to ask my friend Harry Paratestes about it when I see him.

Anyway, during today’s lunch, not one seat was left unsat upon.  Compacted with hungry State workers and local attorneys, Daphne’s did her best to dole out the dolmas, gyros and falafel to the ravenous crowd.  My lunchmate and I showed up early and grabbed some coveted booth perches before we ordered our lunches; I went with the chicken kabob and she the gyros and french fries. 

The chicken, served on the skewer, came out pretty tender and juicy, with grilled onions and peppers and pitas.  The pitas were remarkable for their amazingly processed look and taste.  These were the Wonder Bread of pitas, and they tasted just as good.  The gyros was a little dry but complimented decently with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and Tzatziki sauce.  This was boiler-plate Greek cuisine, except that instead of a boiler-plate, a vertical rotisserie wand was used.  If you’re looking for creative, innovative cuisine, this is not the hangout for you.  But, if you’re looking for a decently priced ($15 for two), moderately healthy (hey, what’s wrong with grilled chicken and salad?) and conveniently located joint that hires a Benneton ad worth of multi-ethnic staff, then Daphne’s is your place.  As long as you don’t think of unnatural god/man birth while you’re eating, you should have a decent time.

Daphne’s Greek Cafe- 19th & S streets, Sacramento (Richmond Grove)

Food** Atmosphere** Service**

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  1. They recently opened in Elk Grove too, at Hwy 99 and Laguna Boulevard, just behind the BJ’s Brewery restaurant. It’s good eatin’, I’m a regular.


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