Opa! Opa! all-you-can eat celebration May 18

Had a big family meal at Opa! Opa! on Saturday night, where a good time and a great deal of food was had by all, as per usual. Afterward, I was talking to owner Phil Courey outside the restaurant and he mentioned that May 18 they will be presenting their annual all-you-can-eat celebration! Twelve bucks for your fill of dolmas, gyros, falafel, spanakopita, and the rest of Opa’s delicacies.

He promises that the spread will run the length of the front window, and one assumes the line of customers will run the length of Jay Street to get in on that action.

Opa! Opa!
5644 J St.
All-you-can-eat buffet – $12
May 18, 2010, 5-9:30 PM

Two date night dinners

Our 7th (!) wedding anniversary was yesterday, and we made a weekend of it by celebrating with dinner out on Friday. Now since we have three little kids we don’t exactly eat out often, so when we do we run into that age-old diner’s dilemma: stick with a restaurant you know and love, or take a chance on something new. With the usual, you are very likely to be pleased, and with something new, you can only rely on word of mouth (or word of Yelp) recommendations. And there’s no accounting for taste, especially with the more adventurous kinds of food. We usually err on the side of the classic you know and love. It’s not that we’re not adventurous eaters–not Anthody Bourdain rancid shark, pig anus adventurous, but we can step out of our comfort zone when it seems like a winner.

This year we opted for a favorite we hadn’t visited in a while: Three Sisters.

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Daphne’s: Not Just Scooby Snacks Anymore

scoobydoogang01.jpgIn my work-a-day neck of the woods, a new restaurant opening is treated with the same awe and wonderment that the Incas would have given to a total eclipse of the sun on the summer solstice while the simultaneous atmospheric entry of a comet crushed their god-king during a leap year.  So, it was with great fanfare that Daphne’s Greek Cafe, Richmond Grove’s newest eatery, opened its doors to the hungry public.  Located in the Safeway shopping center on 19th and S, Daphne’s takes up some prime real estate and makes the most of it with conspicuous signage, a logo wrapped SUV in the front parking stall and wafting scents of lamb turning slowly on a vertical spit.

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