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Forecasting the weather in Sacramento during the summer months can seem a touch repetitive. Warm this morning, hot in the afternoon, the evening will remain warm. Tomorrow? See today. However, if you are an Internet junkie like me you have no doubt been frustrated with the poor level of detail provided online. That’s not to say that there aren’t enough resources online or 5 day forecasts with sun icons lined up back to back. But, when I am searching the Internet for weather forecasting I’m basically looking for a “cut to the chase” sentence or two. Well, my friends, I have found such a sentence or two at As always, I must disclaim that I’m never first on the scene with anything technology related so please forgive me if this is old news.

I’m specifically referring to the “Discussion” area of the page. There you can find a straight forward, easy to understand forecast that you can apply to your upcoming plans. Whether it’s Mark, Eileen, Dirk, or Julie you are sure to get a little of the straight dirt along with a touch of their personality (“your friendly neighborhood meteorologist, Dirk.”) I know it’s nothing mind blowing, but I’ve found that the little things on the Internet can be the most rewarding.

While I’m celebrating KCRA (we do accept sponsors, guys. wink wink.), let me give a quick shout out to their mobile service. When I’m not texting on my smart device I’m browsing the web. The problem, I’ve found, is that most sites don’t offer great mobile versions and you end up scrolling left, right, up, and down trying to make heads or tails of the information being displayed. The KCRA site is easy to load, easy to read, and provides just enough categories to inform and not overwhelm. Point your web browser to and you’ll be redirected to the mobile site.

UPDATE (11/13/2009): The “Discussion” area can be found within the “Summary” box on the Weather Home page.

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3 thoughts on “Like the weather…”

  1. good find. while you may not be first on the scene with the technology, you might have been first to look at that page long enough to actually find something useful on it…


  2. Mark Finan took notice of my post with a *mild* shout out today:

    Discussion: Clouds are here and it’s going to be a warm, somewhat muggy night. We might also see flashes of lightning in the distance from the valley tonight from thunderstorms in the Sierra. The clouds will clear during the day Wednesday so it will be mostly sunny by the afternoon. It will be another day of storms in the mountains though. The rest of the week will be sunny and warmer. One other note…thanks for the notice on the local blog site…we appreciate it. Mark

    No problem, Mark. We call’em like we see’em here at the Sac Rag.


  3. i could do without the noisy and expanding ads on their page though. i don’t like having to turn the sound off of an ad. it’s like going to some annoying myspace page where the music starts up as the page loads and it’s some god awful americana country song.


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