CBS13 acts out Minneapolis airport shenanigans

Some can’t miss video this morning from (the show) on (the website): Chris Burrous and Jeff James acting out an – ahem – interaction at the Minneapolis airport that has been in the news recently, featuring a national politician. SFW, but you will want to burn your eyeballs after viewing…

Author: CoolDMZ

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13 thoughts on “CBS13 acts out Minneapolis airport shenanigans”

  1. They forgot the best part, when the cops take Craig into custody, ask for his ID and he instead whips out his U.S. Senator business card and declares, “What do you think about that?” What a tool.


  2. yeah that thing is all over the interweb. pretty soon all of the U.S. Americans are going to know about it, like such as.


  3. I wonder why Chris Burrous was so interested in the story?

    Also, I notice that the top breaking stories that Chris Burrous promotes usually aren’t very interesting. Does Chris Burrous decide what the top breaking story is?


  4. “I wonder why Chris Burrous was so interested in the story?”

    I don’t. Chris Burros is an attention whore. If he thought he could get more buzz doing the show with pink hair while wearing a tutu he would do it. I think he wants to be Maury Povich when he gets all growed up.


  5. Chris Burrous just made several mean comments about an unattractive man who won a lot of money. Then Chris Burrous showed a poor-quality video of a man wind-surfing in a hurricane.


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