Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?

In our ever-diligent pursuit to keep you well informed about the stuff that we, The Sac Rag board of directors, are planning to do with our down time, and consequently what you, The Sac Rag Readers, should think about doing with your down time since we, The Sac Rag board of directors, are screwed in to the local scene like a CFL bulb (since we respect a flex alert too), we bring you another edition of “Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?” In this edition we talk about college football, comedy, outdoor sports, the parting of a local celebrity, and cheese.

FRIDAY– It’s Friday so that must mean improvisational comedy at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. Scripts are for those with limited imagination and good memorizing skills. Come see stuff that’s made up on the spot for your personal pleasure.

Sacramento Comedy Spot, 1716 Broadway, 8PM $5

SATURDAYfrom Runnergirl:“You know it! You tell the story! You tell the WHOLE DAMN WORLD THIS IS BEAR TERRITORY!”

Yup, that’s right – it’s college football season again, where you will not see any die-hard Cal fan wearing red anytime close to game day. I was greeted by two spirited “GO BEARS!” today while crossing the Peet’s parking lot – one gentleman spied the Cal tow hitch cover on my rig, while another Cal-hat-sporting man fancied my tasteful blue and gold ensemble.

Tomorrow, my #12 ranked California Golden Bears (what up ’92!) will host the #15 Tennessee Volunteers at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley.

Kick-off is at 5pm, and the game can be viewed on ABC, or tune in to KGO 810 and listen to the legendary Joe “The band is on the field! The BEARS HAVE WON!” Starkey.

Click here to see which station near you will carry this game.

Meanwhile, everybody sing:
“On our rugged eastern foothills
Stands our symbol clear and bold
BIG C means to fight and strive
And win for blue and gold
Golden bear is ever watching
Day by day he prowls
And when he sees the dread
Of lowly STANFURD red
From his lair he fiercely growls


SUNDAY– Local celebrity, Chris Olsen, will be having a Bon Voyage party in his own honor. The talented young musician, painter, and grid snob will be shuffling off the Sacto coil and we wish him well. Chris’s bands, Seven Arms of Shiva, Baby Grand, and Dutch Elm Trio will be making an appearance at the event. Be there or be…I don’t know where–that is if you know where the party is being held.

From Runnergirl– If I’m not passing a kidney stone, I’ll be taking part in the Run on the Sly (link to ) up in the El Dorado National Forest. This popular run was on hiatus last year, much to the disappointment of many who enjoy the kick-back atmosphere of this event.

The “race” – only the serious actually race it, though it’s not a “fun run” either – includes an 8 mile run, a 20 miler, or a 50K (31 miles.) I’ll likely opt for the 20 miler so I’m finished before it’s too blazingly hot, and I’ll have some time to chill out and enjoy the post-run BBQ that’s included in the entry fee. Plus, the 20 miler is $35, and the 50K is $65 – I’d rather spend that money on…

MONDAYfrom Runnergirl: Sadly, this is the final day of the California State Fair. But, they’re ending it on a high note. Three words that sound like five: WEIRD AL YANKOVIC

We’ll be purchasing the “Golden Circle” tickets so we don’t have to slum it with the casual Weird Al fans.

When I went to the Cal Expo Box Office a couple weeks ago to buy our Poppy Pack, this uber-permed woman behind me tried to strike up conversation in line by laughing condescendingly, “Weird Al? They have WEIRD AL playing? On the LAST DAY?! Hrumph! Snort!” as she ignored her ringing cell phone which loudly blared Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls.”

I purposely replied in my peppiest Muffy Tepperman tone, “Totally! We love him! We’re SO getting the reserved seats! Totally! Are you going?!”

9 thoughts on “Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?”

  1. There is still an hour to get into your local Bloodsource to make a pre-holiday weekend donation. It’s always crucial to donate, but especially before long weekends. I am in the gazebo of the Stockton & Alhambra location right now. Won’t someone come join me?


  2. We’re going to try to get out before it starts warming up and check out Gold Rush Days. and by “before it starts warming up” i mean at 4:45am.

    also, hello, Greek Food Fest!!!


  3. Also playing at the party will be the Foureyes, possibly an abridged version of my now-defunct pop band Munia, as well as possibly an equally abridged version of a band I was in with Mike “Bannana” and Joel Goulet, The Band That Time Forgot.

    As several members of the Alkali Flats will be there as well (since the two frontmen are in Seven Arms) don’t be surprised if some Flats-esque jamming takes place.

    Scott Miller also sent me an email in which he said he would try to bring a Scott Miller band along. Bright Ideas? Ski Instructors? Bananas? I don’t know. Scott is a great person and talented musician. I’d be happy, and I’m sure everyone else would be as well, if he just stood there with an accoustic guitar and sang all by himself.

    Since none of these bands will have much, if any, time to practice, don’t be too surprised if it’s not exactly the SactoPalooza that it appears to promise to be. It should be fun for all, but it’s also just as much a cronie-ist gathering as it appears to be also, and since I lack any good organizational skills, or any desire to have any, it will be fun, but probably pretty sloppy, too. Just the way a grid snob likes ’em!


  4. I am canning tomatoes on Sunday. I waited for hot weather to do it. We have a couple of tomato plants that are “putting out” like crazy.

    Tomorrow we have a fun-filled day of carpet shopping, but we will stop at the Greek Food Fest!


  5. Goo for you, Melly. Unfortunately, our tomato plant (and when I say “tomato” I mean singular “tomato” as in only one tomato grows from this plant) isn’t quite fecund enough to generate cans of product.


  6. Forgot to mention this aspect of the weekend plans:

    Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we’re going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.


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