Natomas Flooded in Media Controversy

This controversy over free publications makes me think of ripping down someone else’s “Vote for me!” student council campaign sign and replacing it with your own:

A Natomas media rivalry has turned ugly, with owners of two local publications each claiming the other has stolen stacks of the competitor’s periodicals from the rack.

In one case, Natomas Journal publisher Will Craig was caught on surveillance tape in August picking up a stack of N Magazines from the South Natomas Community Center, replacing them with his own newspaper and dumping the rival publication in an outside recycling bin…

Craig said he simply was sending a message to the people connected with N Magazine because he believes they have been stripping his racks for 21 months.

I understand, only remotely, that it’s important to the publishers to tell advertisers what their circulation is and where their publication is offered; however, doesn’t getting rid of the rival’s rag artificially increase the number of publications being taken?

At least he’s recycling them.

4 thoughts on “Natomas Flooded in Media Controversy”

  1. This is hilarious. As a Sacramento resident of 17 years, I can honestly say I have never seen or even heard of either of these “publications.”


  2. This same thing actually happened to our magazine exactly 2 years ago. There was another “senior” publication that was stealing our magazine from racks outside of wherever we were available and then throwing them in nearby dumpsters. Bizarre. Rival publication then proceeded to go out of business two months later. Doh!


  3. I just think that it is great that people want to produce these magazines. It does help promote the feeling of places being a neighborhood. I think we know of some folks on here that actually do some writing for them.


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