Simply the best!

David Brent…better than all the rest, as they say. Specifically this here web log, which once again won the News & Review’s Reader’s Choice award for Best Local Blog. and Heckasac round out the top three. For those of you playing along at home those are the top three finishers from last year’s voting.

We couldn’t have done it without you readers, of whom at least 7 or 8 must have voted for us. As we’ve said time and again we have a ton of fun doing this and most of that fun is caused by the reactions we get. We’re hoping you’ll stay with us in the coming year.

And we’ll try not to be offended by Heckasac’s obvious ploy to steal our thunder regarding the impending award by announcing again last week that she is quitting again. (We kid the beckler of course.)

Also congrats to my father who repeats as Best Local Doctor. DMZs FTW!!!

UPDATE @ 2:00PM: Because I didn’t think to look in the Luxuries & Necessities category, I failed to notice that we also were voted #3 in the Best local Web site category. Fabulous. Thanks to sac-eats for pointing it out.

Author: CoolDMZ

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13 thoughts on “Simply the best!”

  1. When we see each other out and about now, we’ll have to do the whole “You’re the best”/”No, YOU’RE the best” thing.

    The hard copy of this week’s collectible edition SN&R is quite snazzy. Break out your SharpiesTM, cuz it’s autograph time.

    (When is our celebratory happy hour, and should we go to one of the best bars as voted by SN&R readers?)


  2. Huh.

    I checked out the competition and have a few thoughts. I imagine that regular visitors to those other sites may be checking us out, as well. Hello, new visitors! – There really isn’t any content on this site, it is a site to listen to the Mark Williams radio show. I checked out the “blog” section, and there are only two entries that are readable. There appear to be a few other entries, but are not readable by my browser (Firefox). I switched over to Safari and was able to read it, in all of its glory, hurrah!

    Interesting…. Their tagline is “It’s not Right vs Left, but Right vs. Wrong. Okaaaaaay, one of those sites. And we think we are snarky. My favorite incendiary headline is “Ahmadinejad sounded like Dem candidate for Pres!” Definitely sounds non-partisan to me. Personally, I prefer the Rag’s non-partisan and truly non-political approach to looking at Sacramento. Sure, we discuss political issues, but from a (in my opinion) more objective point of view, offering up subjects for discussion rather than offering a left vs right…err… “right” vs “wrong” (cough cough) slant. I did listen to a few of the radio broadcasts, and I must admit that Mark puts on a hell of a show and has a number of interesting opinions on the news of the day. Very little of it, however, seems to directly deal with Sacramento.

    The other interesting point is that MarkTalk has ten articles posted over the past five days without a single comment. Where are your readers, Mark? Do they have contrasting opinions about your postings? Or are are you really, contrary to your 9/27 post about the S&R kudos, preaching to the choir?

    The true stunner for me, however, is the first place award to best local web site for This is the web site for The Ballroom, a fabulous and famous location in Sacramento for those who love to dance. A great local business that contributes to the health and happiness to a number of area residents. BUT. Best local web site? A calendar of dance lessons? Puh-leese, people, I smell ballot stuffing from miles away. Good job in acquiring your free advertising.

    (Please note that the opinions expressed here are solely those of yours truly, Stickie. Please feel free to disagree.)


  3. Hi Stickie,

    Nice post. I have to say though, I can track how many people click to read posts over at the forums…lots of readers but very few posters. I have a lot of lurkylews. πŸ™‚ Oh well.


  4. I thought the forums closed? Was there a grand-reopening?

    Also, I notice that the 2nd place winner for area blog has thrown in his hat … given up, even. Guess if he couldn’t have the prize, he didn’t want to play.


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