A Tale of Two News Shows

We’ve taken our shots over the years at the two ring circus that is “Good Day Sacramento,” but we’ve not told the other side of the story, the side that compares Good Day against the other morning shows in the area to see where each stands in this fence-sitter of a media market. (Are we a small big market or a big small market, who can tell?) This week, a dear friend relayed to me his experiences with a two morning shows, and I’d like to share those with you. Hopefully, this will give you a chance to judge for yourself as to who really rules the airwaves from dawn to coffee break.

First of all, let me set the scene for you. My friend had two appearances lined up last month to promote an event, one appearance on the KCRA morning news on channel 58, and one appearance on Good Day Sacramento. The KCRA news appearance was (as if you couldn’t already see this coming) a bad scene.  Rushed for time, fighting technical difficulties and trying to get out his message points despite the woodenness of the broadcast team, my friend did his best to fill the thirty seconds that they wound up giving him. According to him, the crew was a bit scattered, everything was thrown together last minute and the everyone seemed a little stressed.

Fast forward 24 hours. Same guy, same message, different show–Good Day Sacramento. The report on this show was glowing. Everyone was loose, having a great time, the tech crew was competent and courteous. The reporters gave my buddy time to answer questions, talk about the event, and enjoy his brief time on camera. Besides making my friend feel better about the experience, the fun atmosphere of Good Day actually came across on camera. I watched the piece myself and couldn’t help thinking, “Hey, they actually look interested in what he’s saying. Good job Tina Macuha!”

So, take this for what it is, one man’s observations, and another man’s (mine) telling of what that guy said. It’s easy to pick on Good Day as a bunch of goofballs just trying to kill four hours every morning, but what we don’t see is that this group of goofballs (despite their hair) has a genuinely good time, runs a tight ship, and makes the experience fun and memorable for those folks that appear on it. Good job, Good Day.

7 thoughts on “A Tale of Two News Shows”

  1. Speaking of taking shots, I should take advantage of my unemployed time to invent a Good Day Sacramento Drinking Game.

    Feel free to submit rules.


  2. The worst morning show has got to be Sacramento and Company. I’ve caught bits and pieces and was way under-impressed. Segments are stiff, the co-hosts have about as much chemistry as John Stewart and George Bush, and the fake laughter is as bad a Hillary’s.


  3. i hardly think that the experience of one person on these shows qualifies as a real representation of what goes on on either set. scientific theory demands at least one more example for validity. besides, i refuse to believe that the good day crew is organized after having to watch it every day for work.


  4. okay “super friendly” works. the kcra/kqca crew are a little snarky in the mornings, which makes me wonder how the good day crew does it.


  5. I agree, Melly, Sacramento and Company is painful, at times. I love the concept of a local talk show, but they certainly have trouble mining the surrounding area for worthwhile and interesting guests every day.

    Maybe we should pitch them stories.


  6. A Good Day Sacramento drinking game sounds like fun!

    Every time some viewer emails about Mark S. Allen’s hair – do a shot.

    Every time Taryn Winter Brill uses some bizarre acronym or abbreviation that only makes sense/seems cute to her – do a shot.

    Every time someone says “Jack Tone Road” in a funny voice – do a shot.

    Clearly, I have been watching the show way too much.


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