This weekend, we’ve got two local Oktoberfest celebrations for your pleasure.

Turn Verein’s Oktoberfest is a long standing Sacramento tradition, with the dancing, the oom-pah-pah, food, beer and wine. If you have never attended, you are definitely missing out.

Brew It Up is also hosting a strong Oktoberfest for a second year, with fifteen hand crafted German-style beers, food, dancing under a Munich-style tent and more of the oom-pah-pah. Reservations are recommended for dining. If you want to try the beers, they are on tap right now. O’zapft is!


7 thoughts on “Oktoberfest!”

  1. I used to like the Turn Verein Oktoberfest, until my German friends told me that the management had brought in Holocaust deniers to speak and were generally considered crypto-fascists. So – maybe I’ll stick with your second choice. That sounds like a lot more fun!


  2. Ok, before we totally besmirch the Turn Verein, can we get a little more detail on these accusations or even a link to something more substantial than anecdotal evidence?


  3. The Turn Verein is not at fault for that. Google “Walter Mueller Turn Verein” and you can access a number of accounts that show that the TV did not know what kind of event was being booked there and were horrified when they discovered the intent of the meeting.


  4. You’re right, no reason to let that one event cast a bad light on the whole organization. My friends – 2 Germans and an Austrian, the latter Jewish – may have been talking about that particular episode. They were expecting something a little less conservative, something celebrating modern German culture in the post-WWII world, and I think the TV is a bit more based on “ye olde” Germany of legend, which is not what they were looking for.

    I’m sure their events are terrific. I took a dance class in the building once, 15 yrs ago, which was very pleasant. It is a nice space.

    Still, though, as a Jew myself I think I’ll stick with the Brew it Up event.


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