Sacramento’s Urban Winery

I was pleased to find a winery two blocks from my house, and hope that I continue to find new wineries throughout Midtown, but that seems unlikely. Too bad, as I can imagine an urban wine country running through Downtown and Midtown, up to the North Sacramento Wineries in Del Paso Heights. Call them microwineries. Sacramento can become California’s Urban Microwinery Country. Say it aloud, and feel it just roll off the tongue!

But, enough of my dreams. Revolution Wines is tucked behind a hair salon on P and 21st. You may have already enjoyed the 2004 vintages that were poured at various Sacramento area charity events during the past year. With a tasting room that opened in July, Revolution is pouring three of Winemaker Jason Fernandez’s 2005 vintages: The Pinot Grigio, that is grown in Clarksburg, an Amador Zinfandel, and Renzo, a red blend. All three are excellent, and I look forward to the December release of a Clarksburg Syrah. Four more vintages will be introduced over the next year.

Revolution Wines
2114 P Street
Thursday 4 PM – 7 PM
Friday & Saturday 11 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 5 PM

3 thoughts on “Sacramento’s Urban Winery”

  1. Actually, Sacramento used to have several wineries, in the same neighborhood as Revolution Wines. Portuguese immigrant Manuel Nevis founded two wineries on either side of 21st Street and R (California and Pioneer Wineries) and another at 18th and P (Eagle Winery.) There were also wineries founded by local Italian Americans in the central city. Not to mention that homemade wine was common in many Sacramento immigrant communities: according to a fellow I interviewed who grew up in midtown, much of the area smelled like rotting grapes in the fall because so many people made their own homemade wine and threw the grape skins in the garden to compost.

    One thing about Revolution Wines is that it is a production facility, not a wine bar: they have a small tasting room only. They’re nice guys, and their presence definitely adds to the neighborhood, as long as you’re okay with the occasional smell of grape skins.


  2. Ah, wburg, you are, as always, a breath of fresh air. Thoughtful, lucid, polite and you know how to use “they’re” and “their” correctly in a sentence.


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