“Paging George Oscar Bluth”

GOB, please report to the security desk.”

Bob Shallit reports in today’s business section of The Bee that the Arden Fair Mall security team members are now using Segway (nee “Ginger”) scooters to monitor the goings-on, both inside and outside of the mall.  If only they had these back in ’06.

No word yet on if each scooter will play a continuous loop of this Segway anthem.

2 thoughts on ““Paging George Oscar Bluth””

  1. Hey! Kid- stop right there… Oooh- don’t you DARE go up them stairs- you are gonna’ GET IT when I catch you…


  2. ^5 to RG for another Arrested Development reference everyone missed (or didn’t feel the need to comment on). Are the rent-a-cops wearing helmets? Those scooters are like ATVs and can topple easily….


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