Raze the roof

The building formerly known as Carlos Murphy’s/Bleachers/Asian Buffet/European Buffet Featuring Sushi and Waffles is now gone.

I noticed that it had been knocked down last week, and in its place is a pile of rubble surrounded by a chain link fence.

This is the place that was across from Cal Expo and across from the relatively new (though still with as asinine of a parking lot as the older locations) Kaiser building.

Just thought you should know, and I hope this isn’t where Radio Matthew was planning on going for his 21st birthday.

3 thoughts on “Raze the roof”

  1. They are still open. Just another change of management. “Pile of Rubble Surrounded by Chain Link Fence” is from their new menu. Its another chinese place (duh), in industrial art nouveau style (duh). You have to wind your way in, and go down the stairs- behind the thing that looks like a pile of roofing material. Beyond their signature dish, I recommend the “Assorted Disposal Refuse with Asbestos Testing Kit” or “Salvaged Copper Wire with Carmelized Insulation.”


  2. OK, i drive past this place every day twice (to and from work in midtown to arden park – wack i know) but i think i was the only person who actually took notice of this place before it was demolished.. i was first intrigued by the multiple unmanned shopping carts parked out front in plain sight.. and noticed that it had become a thriving hobo hangout complete with dog-run (the front porch) and every day sitting at that light, mine was the sole head turned to the right observing civilization manifest itself in that old restaurant building.. and then one day it was gone. i dont know who was more dishearted, me or those hobos- turns out me, those hobos arent giving up that prime spot, they are now set up between the chainlink and the wood peg entryway check it out next time you pass by


  3. I remember going to bleachers as a young man, new to sacramento. i still remember all of the people lining up to see the kings and the raiders. my, how dumb they were.


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