Not Sacramento-centric, but something a lot of us are wondering

Regarding the Grammy Awards, what exactly is the difference between “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year”?

I thought the record one meant a single song, but there is also a “Song of the Year” award.

Where there any locals in the mix this year? I know that Fair Oaks artist Mary Youngblood has won two Grammy Awards for her Native American music in the past.

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  1. I researched this last year: One of the awards has to do with the songs on the album and the singer, as well as the instruments and tone (believe this one is record) and the other deals with the production of the album, the people behind it, the sound quality, the producers and directors, the mixers and effects (believe this one is album).

    Hope this helps!


  2. I am a music dork, love the Grammys, love the random awards and am generally bummed that ten or so awards are given out live each year (the number gets smaller and smaller each year!). im glad that Herbie Hancock won the Album of the Year Grammy, but I still loved Back to Black and Graduation the best.

    I am also curious if there are any local connections to this year’s Grammys.


    Album of the year is for the best album (the whole CD, or what you pay $9.99 on i-tunes for), award goes to artist, producer, engineer, mixer, etc.

    Song of the year is the songwriters award, given to the writer, if different from the artist, for a single recording track.

    Record of the year goes to the artist, producer, mixer, engineer, for a single recording track.

    So, for Amy Winehouse (who is awesome…), she wrote the song “Rehab”, both awards went to her. An example is Celine Dion who won the Record of the Year for, “My Heart Will Go On” (most annoying song, ever) in 1998. James Horner and Will Jennings took home the Song of the Year award for the same song (for which they should be drawn and quartered).

    Sorry that took so long…as I said i’m sort of a dork for Grammy stuff. Wikipedia Article on the Grammys



  3. “Cama’i (Aleut Greetings) Music lovers!

    I’m Glad someone was able to clarify the difference between Record of the Year and Album of the year, etc. What’s interesting, is if you win a Grammy for an ‘album’ the producer ALSO gets one of the esteemed trophy’s. But if you are on let’s say- a ‘compilation album that wins, only the producer and the record label get a trophy.
    Something else folks don’t always know, is that ‘nominee’s’ are responsible for purchasing tickets to the pre-televised & televised event, the after party, and of course, travel to LA/NY, flights or gas, hotel rooms, etc. But what a party! So it was worth every penny. Last year I took all four of my children, and they got to see their mom win a her second GRAMMY award!!
    I didn’t have a new release out this year, so I wasn’t up for a GRAMMY on Sunday- but watch out for me next year, because I’m currently working on my 6th recording!
    And if any of you out there want to learn how to play this magnificent instrument- (The Native American flute) I’m on short sabbatical and dedicating this year to teaching…(
    A special “Quyanaa” (Thanks!) to all my Sacramento fans! It’s great to be appreciated, recognized and thanked for my music!

    – Mary Youngblood

    Grammy winner- 2002 Beneath The Raven Moon
    Grammy nominee- 2004 Feed The Fire
    Grammy winner- 2006 Dance With the Wind
    Emmy nominee- 2008 The Spirit of Sacajewea


  4. Wow! That’s quite an invitation from Ms. Youngblood:

    And if any of you out there want to learn how to play this magnificent instrument- (The Native American flute) I’m on short sabbatical and dedicating this year to teaching…

    Of course, having already TAKEN a class with Ms. Youngblood (through a local college, though admittadly several years ago), it would be appropraite and factual to point out that, in my and MANY OTHER Euro-American (“white”) students’ opinions, Ms. Youngblood has no interest in teaching anything to people who are not of the same race as she. She utilizes her pulpit to admonish and berate Euro-American students about their whiteness, rather than focus on the music.

    Music and talent notwithstanding, Ms. Youngblood was not a good music teacher: Unless you aren’t white. Then she’s great. But I’d invite you all to find out for yourself, and form your own opinion.

    If I’m not mistaken, she was removed from her post at Sac City in 2003/2004 (2005?) due to multiple student complaints regarding this issue. But I’m sure her albums are really spiritual and mother earthy.


  5. I’m embarrassed to agree with TS but I have to on this one. I took a class with her as well and…exactly what he/she said. There were two Native Americans in the class and she basically told the rest of us on the first day that those two would get the best treatment. The whole semester was her berating us for being white and blaming us for the sins of our distant relatives. She was awful.


  6. OK, now I kind of wish I had stuck with the original name I typed as the local Grammy winner — I’d mistaken Ms, Youngblood’s name for a similarly named woman from Caltrans with whom I used to work in my old transportation planning days. I doubt that she is as controversial.


  7. I find it interesting that Ms. Youngblood found the time to visit the SacRag to talk about her accomplishments and glow about “It’s great to be appreciated, recognized and thanked for my music!” yet hasn’t submitted a rebuttal about her treatment of non-Native Anmerican students in her classes. Two options: 1) she hasn’t seen the posts since, and hasn’t had the time to defend the charges or 2) the suggestions that she is mean spirited, racist and self-involved are true.


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