Update on two “dead zone” locales

As noted in a previous post, there are certain locations throughout the region that seem to be jinxed.  Even if the rest of the tenants in a shopping center thrive for years, there seems to be the one oddball space that is constantly changing.

Here is an update on two previously noted dead zone locations:

Fair Oaks Boulevard, just east of Watt, next to the Shell station
Previously a Baskin-Robbins, Double Rainbow, and a bevy of cell phone stores, this is now a Goodwill Xpress donation drop-off location.  With the “Xpress” spelling, I’m waiting for the word on if they accept all kinds of donations or only cast-off Xtreme sports gear.

Free-standing building in the parking lot of the really run-down looking center on Fulton just north of Hurley
It’s being demolished.   Consider it “dead” and not just part of the “dead zone.”

2 thoughts on “Update on two “dead zone” locales”

  1. I just hope that they do something with the plot on Fulton Ave and not just leave it fallow like they did to the former site of Tiny’s and the Vagabond.


  2. If they are demolishing it, they probably have a plan to put something in its place. Although with the way the economy is going, who knows how long it will take.


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