Padilla circulates creepy allegations against KJ

The allegations against Kevin Johnson are definitely troubling. As usual with these things, the truth is almost impossible to discern for those of us who actually want to know it. For example, why are we in Sacramento just supposed to be concerned about the 1995 Phoenix case now and not, say in 2003 when he took over Sacramento High School? Hmm, highly coincidental timing. If it is important now to know that it took place, wasn’t it far more important to know back then when he was taking over a school full of 16-yo girls?

I am not naive. I know it is just the phonyness and disingenuousness of American politics. But just for once I wish they would make an attempt to make it easier for us to figure out what is right. To give us a fuller picture of the 1995 scandal the Bee uses a portion of the transcript of a police-intercepted conversation between Johnson and the Phoenix teenager:

Johnson: “And I you’re looking at it different than I’m looking at it and what you’re saying happened, I’m not entirely agreeing happened. I’m, I’m sorry about that. And again I go back to the standpoint that additionally when I thought you and I talked about it afterward, I was hoping that you and I could come to terms enough that you felt whatever with it that you felt okay …”

Easy for you to say, KJ. And I you’re definitely not whatever definitely not quotable. The full transcript doesn’t really help–Johnson does repeatedly deny that things happened the way the young woman says they did, but the whole thing just seems wrong. On the one hand you get the picture that back then he did some skeevy things, but on the other hand you’re skeptical of the timing and the fact that no wrongdoing has ever been found against the guy. You’re left not knowing where to stand.

padillaJohnson’s campaign is putting together a slander suit against Leonard Padilla, who distributed copies of the Phoenix PD investigation to the media. Who does he think he’s fooling with that hat and toothpick, by the way.

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4 thoughts on “Padilla circulates creepy allegations against KJ”

  1. How is it slander to disseminate what is in the public record?

    Looks like KJ’s carefully crafted image is about to crumble.


  2. “impeccable” timing to say the least from Padilla/The Bee…the day of one of his larger in town fundraisers?!

    As with any political race, it’s so hard to decipher fact from fiction, but can’t help but think this will spark more than a little interest from current KJ supporters…me included…

    This is news to me and that taped conversation does not scream words of a completely innocent man with nothing to hide…it sounds staged and contived and evasive on purpose…

    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and what KJ reaction will be!


  3. Another fine job of investigative journalism from the Bee. Investigative Reporting? Why do that when you can simply reprint old news, hand delivered by politically motivated opponents. And this happened when? Oh, that’s right, in 1995, thirteen years ago with no criminal charges filed. Is this supposed to swing me over to the Lenny Padilla camp? How much credence should one give unsubstantiated accusations?


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