Fargo asks police to reopen KJ allegation???

OK this is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a while. Well maybe in like, 6 days.

Mayor Heather Fargo called Wednesday for police to reopen their investigation into a Sacramento High School teacher’s report last year that a 17-year-old student had told him she was inappropriately touched by the charter school’s founder, Kevin Johnson. … The mayor said she spoke to Police Chief Rick Braziel after reading an article in Tuesday’s Bee.

Via The BUZZ. I love the Johnson dude comparing Fargo to Vladimir Putin. But seriously, comrade Fargo, what will you think of next. I might vote for Jim Anchower.

And again I ask you: Am I the only one who thinks it is absurd/fishy… fishurd?… how many Bee stories in this scandal rely heavily on things that were reported in other Bee stories? At some point shouldn’t they ixnay on that?

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21 thoughts on “Fargo asks police to reopen KJ allegation???”

  1. Fargo has been putting her “Vote for Heather” signs in my front lawn, without permission. Would the FBI PLEASE reopen their investigation of this???!!!
    Between the suave youngin’ groper and the antisexual (her asexualness is so blatent that it offends me) clueless WASP, I’m taking the high road when it comes to voting: NO ON BOND MEASURE 42!


  2. What truly made me groan was this part of the Bee article:
    Johnson is Fargo’s most serious challenger in the race, but Fargo said Wednesday that her push to reopen the investigation against him is not politically motivated.

    “I haven’t discussed these allegations at forums or campaign events, and I don’t plan to,” she said. “But, as mayor of Sacramento, the 2007 investigation happened on my watch, and I think these questions need to be addressed.”

    Oh? The timing was purely coincidental? Yeh right. Ugh. How dumb does she think we are?

    Is the option “None of the above” available on the ballot? :1


  3. I’m just going to vote for whoever shows up at Jubilee.
    (See what I did there? Just increased Jubilee attendance by 5 or 6 people.)


  4. i’m just upset we’re going to get a mayor so in the pockets of business and seems to have no idea how the government works. like fargo or not, she at least knows something about civics, which johnson has yet to demonstrate. but maybe the office has some sort of on-the-job training program…we can wait right? we don’t need a mayor to start work right away.


  5. Is Fargo’s request to re-open the investigation politically motivated? Of course.

    I suppose the bigger question is — Should people with numerous allegations that they are child molesters expect these allegations to be repeatedly surfaced in the course of a campaign?

    Again, of course.

    And, TP… there is an on-the-job training program for being Mayor. It is called City Council, School Board, and the numerous commissions and advisory boards that most politicians become involved in before running for higher office. Too bad KJ has never shown a lick of interest in politics before this year, maybe he would have had a better idea what to expect.


  6. Weird post…bizarre, really. Are you suggesting that the Bee not report the news that the mayor is calling to re-open an investigation on child molestation claims against Johnson because Fargo happens to read the Bee? Do you really believe the Bee should hang off this development due to the fact that Bee reporters broke the $230,000 payoff story? (Whether you think it is ridiculous or not is another matter…we are in the midst of a political campaign, this is news.) Would this apply to any scandal the Bee breaks from now on? We have one major newspaper in this town, one whose ed board and top columnists have been very supportive of Johnson over the years. One, a Johnson friend, actually filmed a sort of “rehab” video on his behalf after the story broke about the state of his properties last fall. The fact that reporters continue to chase the story in spite of the ed. board’s record, gives me some faith that journalistic integrity still resides within the confines of 2100 Q St.


  7. yes…the bee needs to stop reporting these things by themselves. it’s totally not cool, they should let someone else report them, and then report that.


  8. I’m waiting for the story to break about KJ being gay. No girlfriends, and the only relations he seems to “allegedly” have are unwanted and with minors. He is good looking, rich, a former professional athlete and ambitious. Shouldn’t he be dating?

    I think he is in denial and suffering cognitive dissonance about his inability to express his sexuality in the manner in which he chooses. KJ needs to come to grips with his sexuality and maybe he would stop having unfortunate encounters with unwilling underage girls.


  9. My Mayor can have sex with goats if he/she will get the City moving on stagnent projects (how many freakin holes can they dig downtown? Why is no one just continuing the same half-finished projects from 10 years ago?), lower crime (by letting the police start kicking ass- none of this touchy-feely “understanding criminals’ cultures/social problems”), improve property values, and cut my taxes (including utility fees). Perhaps the two leading mayoral candidates can announce that they fooled around with each other (shudder/gag/shudder), put all the inuendo to rest, and let voters focus on the real issues. It’s a win-win-win!! (residual shudder/gag)


  10. San Joaquin,

    So, gays in the closet are child molestors? Come on..my 79 year old in-laws sport that mentality, with one caveat. They think most child molestors are gay. Let’s get real.

    I think I’ll vote for Muriel..the gal who looks like a guy and wants me to be able to raise chickens in my back yard!


  11. Lori Jablonski: I am not saying any of those things. I know it is probably cheesy but I’m mostly asking. I am not very savvy about this kind of stuff, but I know that several of the stories relating to this scandal have relied mostly on facts from other Bee stories. At a certain point it just seems like the Bee is helping keep the story alive by publishing follow up articles based on previous articles. I’ll try to dig up a better example.

    You know what I think is bizarre? Think about the number of unsolved acts of violence that must be on the books at the moment. Think about how clueless Fargo is about the crime rate. And she wants the police to reopen a case against a political opponent in which the victim recanted her story? Put it in perspective.


  12. It’s pretty transparent of Fargo when there are plenty of other places to direct her attention on the issue of crime.


  13. No no no… I’m not making that argument at all, nor do I believe that gays are child molesters, that’s irrational. Allow me clarify.

    Some gays in the closet are in a lot of denial, so they act straight and awkwardly hit on women. If someone is rich, famous and good looking, they might actually succeed in hitting on women, which is not what they want at all, because they are gay. So they make inappropriate advances to people who they don’t have a reasonable expectation of successfully sleeping with. People who are “off limits”, like married women, older women, teenagers, nuns, lesbians….

    I also know of stories about KJ making inappropriate advances towards 50-60 year old women at political functions. I’m not talking about flirting or friendliness here, I’m talking about unwanted back rubs and breast grabbing, the same things he has been accused of doing to teenage girls, things that would qualify as sexual battery.

    And, please. Isn’t it stretching the definition of “child molester” when we are talking about 17 and 18 year old girls? KJ isn’t accused of doing things with 6-year-olds. I know that the legal definition is “child molestation” if the girl is a minor or under the age of consent, but I wouldn’t label someone as that if they commit sexual battery on someone who is 17. Still a sex offender, but not in my mind a child molester.

    And, just so you know, I’m not affiliated with any campaign nor do I have a vendetta against KJ, I’m just talking about things I see and things I hear from people in the know.


  14. Thanks for the response, Cool. However, developing stories like this often tend to drip, drip, drip…”keeping the story alive” is really just continuing to follow up on leads. Again, with but one major daily with the staff and budget to conduct in-depth investigations it is not strange at all that it will be in the Bee where we read follow ups on articles published first in… the Bee! I wish the Bee had real competition. Unfortunately, it does not. The $230,000 pay off was news. As was Mayor Fargo’s call to re-open the investigation after reading of the pay-off. The Bee certainly was correct to cover both stories.

    We will probably have to agree to disagree on the appropriateness of the Mayor’s call to re-open the investigation against Johnson. Let me offer my perspective. Fargo did this only after the news of the Phoenix pay-off broke. And she did this because Johnson’s childhood friend and personal attorney (the same attorney, who along with his father, was involved in the Phoenix case and big money settlement) along with a couple of other long-time Johnson staffers, met with the student in question at Sac Charter High more than a week before any report was ever filed with proper authorities. This could itself be a violation of the law and raises any number of troubling issues, not the least of which is the fact that all this happened in a publicly funded high school. This issue directly led to the ongoing federal investigation of St. Hope’s operations.

    Now, of course there are any number of closed cases that could use renewed scrutiny, but please don’t downplay the simple fact that Johnson is running for mayor, with big money and high stakes players firmly behind his foray into public service. As citizens we need to hold all our elected officials to account, Mayor Fargo included. But we citizens also need to scrutinize those who are seeking our trust, even if that scrutiny raises icky issues we would rather not consider and fundamentally challenges the image we really want to believe in. Certainly, Johnson should have known this all could be a problem… Indeed, politics can be an ugly business, and one’s political opponents will almost always use any opening they can find, there is nothing new under the sun here. But it is also true that Johnson is a seriously flawed challenger.

    Thanks for the read.


  15. cool> so your reasoning is that the bee should wait for other people to bring out facts before moving forward? even if no one else is able to? if someone finds out a fact, they aren’t able to rely on that because that would be self-pimping? Gee, that’s fucking brilliant strategy. that seems to be the reasoning that the white house used in All The Presidents Men to discredit the WAshington Post’s Watergate work.

    Not that the kj thing is in the same league as the watergate scandal. we are a cowtown after all, we could hire any number of villains to the mayor’s office and it wouldnt matter.


  16. Hi Sax! Thanks for your well balanced criticism.

    First of all, I wanted to clear up one thing: In the above post, the thing I found ridiculous was merely Comrade Fargo’s attempt to use the police to do her political dirty work. Not the Bee’s reporting. I merely think that is fishy.

    As to my reasoning, I could take the easy way out and point out that I was merely asking a question: Isn’t it fishy? But with your tactful and not-at-all assholey rhetoric you have deftly pointed out that I do have some sort of reasoning behind my question, I have a theory if you will. I don’t believe, as Lori Jablonski does, that the Bee is supportive of KJ. This story, for example, interjects the KJ scandal into some sort of discussion of Fargo’s lack of celebrity. Here is my post about that article. I’ll go ahead and dignify your questions with answers: No, I don’t think the Bee should wait for other people to bring out facts. What I am concerned about is when the Bee does *not* bring out facts, but merely rehashes facts it has already reported as new evidence in an ongoing story as in the April 17 article I just linked to.

    However, looking back at other articles on this scandal, this problem is not too egregious. Which is probably why all I am left with is my question about whether anyone else feels the same way. Something about your tone makes me think you do not.

    So I’ll thank you again for your sportspersonlike comment and wish you a fabulous Wednesday!


  17. CoolDMZ, I agree with you raising the question. Something about the tone of the Bee stories does not feel “fair and balanced.” I’m not saying dirty stuff about KJ should not be reported, just that criticisms of Fargo do not seem to get the same play. Most likely though, it’s because her negative stuff is not as salacious and won’t sell as many papers.

    By the way, the Bee is also reporting that Sac PD has refused to reopen the KJ case because “There’s nothing to substantiate the claims.” An interesting close to this little brouhaha.


  18. The Bee is also reporting that Sac PD has refused to reopen the KJ case…Thank God we have a police chief who is smart enough to stay out of politics. I plan to vote “none of the above.”


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