Fargo NOT using issue of KJ’s federal funds misuse

Press release today from the Fargo campaign:

SACRAMENTO–Mayor Heather Fargo today released the following statement regarding the recent radio advertisements about Kevin Johnson having been investigated for misusing federal funds:

“Kevin Johnson was banned by the federal government from all access to federal grants and contracts after investigators said he misused AmeriCorps funds.

“My campaign material does not use this issue against Kevin Johnson; however, an independent committee has.

“In light of the Sacramento Bee story this morning, I hope the independent committee would stick to the facts in their advertising.

“Sacramentans can make their own judgment about federal authorities’ investigation into Kevin Johnson’s misuse of federal funds.”

You got the point, right? She definitely does NOT want to remind people twice in about 200 words about the federal authorities investigation into Kevin Johnson’s misuse of federal funds. Don’t you dare imply that she does.

How I Met Your Reservoir

Joe Sacramento (didn’t you move? :)) has a great roundup of the Docks project on the riverfront near Miller Park and the I-80 bridge, including his discussion of what would happen to the Pioneer Reservoir, which I’m not sure I was entirely aware existed–it is apparently a massive sewage treatment plant across the street from the city animal shelter. Anyway it reminded me of when Marshall and Lily buy a house in the chic up-and-coming NY neighborhood of DoWiSiTrePla, only to find out it is a realtor nickname for “Downwind of the Sewage Treatment Plant” on How I Met Your Mother.

Joe claims Heather Fargo has advocated placing a Ferris wheel atop the plant, but I can’t tell if that’s a joke on his part. And that’s more a sad comment on Fargo and this city than it is a dig at Joe’s wry humor…

Mayoral Debate on Monday

I’ll be attending the Sacramento Mayoral Debate between Mayor Heather Fargo and Kevin Johnson on Monday at CSUS. It will be broadcast on KCRA-3 and Capital Public Radio 90.9 from 6:30-8:00 pm. Walt Gray, Pamela Wu and Jeffery Callison will moderate.

Most of the audience will be college students, who will also present most of the questions.

What questions would you like to ask the candidates?

Bee on KJ vs Fargo on crime

An interesting front page piece in the Bee today contrasting KJ’s view of crime in our fair city with Comrade Fargo’s. And I think it dispels any myths out there about the Bee’s balance on KJ vs Fargo.

To hear Kevin Johnson tell it, Sacramento is a violent place.

But to hear Heather Fargo tell it: Which city is Sacramento again? Oh right. And you say I’m the whatchacallit? Mayor?

Fargo initially questioned Johnson’s [crime] figures. But she now says Police Chief Rick Braziel has confirmed they are correct.

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Fargo asks police to reopen KJ allegation???

OK this is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a while. Well maybe in like, 6 days.

Mayor Heather Fargo called Wednesday for police to reopen their investigation into a Sacramento High School teacher’s report last year that a 17-year-old student had told him she was inappropriately touched by the charter school’s founder, Kevin Johnson. … The mayor said she spoke to Police Chief Rick Braziel after reading an article in Tuesday’s Bee.

Via The BUZZ. I love the Johnson dude comparing Fargo to Vladimir Putin. But seriously, comrade Fargo, what will you think of next. I might vote for Jim Anchower.

And again I ask you: Am I the only one who thinks it is absurd/fishy… fishurd?… how many Bee stories in this scandal rely heavily on things that were reported in other Bee stories? At some point shouldn’t they ixnay on that?

Fargo out of it on city’s out of control crime rate

Crime is up? Wha?Are you sure.
Because like, I thought it wasn’t.

Via Joe Sacramento (hey Joe, whaddya know!), don’t miss Daniel Weintraub’s piece from earlier this week about Mayor Heather Fargo’s dangerously out-of-it reactions to being confronted with the city’s crime rates, which I have blogged about here often. So often I’m not going to bother to provide links. 🙂

“My sense is that we are tracking at about the same pace as other cities,” says Fargo when asked her explanation for Sacramento’s soaring crime rate. The numbers are staggering — Sacramento has close to the worst crime rate in the state, and the rate has risen 50%… fifty percent!! … during Fargo’s term.

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