Emigh is turning 100!

Everyone’s favorite hardware store is celebrating its 100th anniversary this weekend.

Being in California, things that are “old” to us are usually strip malls that were built in the ’70s so it’s meaningful when a local business reaches the venerable century mark (especially one in Sacramento proper, as most of our region’s oldest businesses are in the Mother Lode towns like Placerville and Auburn.)

Sac-eats will be pleased to know that The Banjo Ramblers will be part of Saturday’s entertainment, in addition to the jazz bands of local high schools.

I personally will be there for the cotton candy and to get my face painted.

5 thoughts on “Emigh is turning 100!”

  1. They have fantastic customer service; this pretty much justifies their somewhat higher prices (compared to the black hole known as Home Depot.)


  2. I was looking at the 100th Anniversary flyer, and was intrigued at the small print under “Free Ice Cream Cones”….

    Served by El Camino HS Cheerleaders



  3. I loved going to Emigh when I was a kid because they had a magnificent koi pond. Other hardware stores left me cold.


  4. They still have the koi pond back in the indoor plant section. There’s even a binder with photos of where the bigger/older koi went a year or so ago when they swapped them out for baby ones.


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