The Best Sushi in California

Forget traveling throughout the state looking for the best sushi. Next week, the best sushi will be in Sacramento. Why? Because the best sushi chefs will be at the Sacramento Convention Center as part of the annual SushiMasters competition on Tuesday, June 10.

Chefs vying for the ultimate SushiMaster title include Chef Koji Ogawa, Sakura Chaya (formally with the Japanese Kitchen), Fresno, Chef Billy Ngo, KRU Restaurant, Sacramento, Chef Tomaharu Nakamura, Sanraku Four Seasons, San Francisco, Chef Akifusa Tonai, Kyo-ya Restaurant, San Francisco, Chef Takuya Matsuda, Sushi Bar Nippon, San Diego and Chef Aung
Soe, Geisha House, Hollywood.

The event goes from 5:30- 8:30pm. Tix are $50 online/$65 at the door. Price includes sushi sampling, sake tasting, and a free bag of rice, which, with the escalating price of food, might be worth more than the ticket price itself. The event is sponsored by the good people at the California Rice Commission who remind you that rice production is yet another thing at which California kicks the rest of the world’s ass (ok, fine, I made that last part up myself, I doubt that the California Rice Commission would use the word “ass” in a agricultural slogan).

See you there.

3 thoughts on “The Best Sushi in California”

  1. Fitting that the competition would be in Sacramento where sushi places are almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks.

    I kinda like the slogan, “California rice kicks ass!”


  2. Someone should donate a ticket to this event to their favorite local sushi-lovin’ blog writer for his birthday.


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