Ugly Flyer Tries to Fool Naive Voters

Ah, what kind of election would it be if we didn’t have last-minute desperation from candidates with too much money in their campaign chests?

The SacBee reports today on a mailer sent out by a group called Democratic Voters Choice with the catchy slogan, “Make it Emphatic, Vote Straight Democratic!” The only problem is that this group has been sending out virtually identical flyers for almost 20 years to trick Democrats into voting for GOP candidates in non-partisan local races. Local candidates Susan Peters, who is VERY Republican, and Kevin Johnson, who I will very kindly refer to as an “idealistically conflicted Democrat”, are both endorsed and are both listed in the fine print as the folks who paid for this deceptive flyer.

Kudos to the Bee for being on top of this story. The flyer is included for your enjoyment after the jump.


9 thoughts on “Ugly Flyer Tries to Fool Naive Voters”

  1. It’s obviously Republican – look at the poor typography and ignorance of graphic design standards!


  2. Actually, poor typography and graphic design standards cross party lines, according to today’s Scene section of


  3. The same people are operating Sigalert, which shows northbound I-5 downtown traffic moving right along at 72 mph.


  4. I can’t believe anyone even reads these things anymore. Political mailers have been so co-opted by special interest groups that it’s extremely difficult to tell who is actually sending them any longer. ALL political mailers go straight into the recycle bin without a glance along with all the other junk mail when find I them in my mailbox.


  5. Hey, I don’t even expect to sell any; I made it to wear one myself. You can make your own. I thought it was a cute idea though, even if I made it (not my idea initially).


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