Mayoral Debate on Monday

I’ll be attending the Sacramento Mayoral Debate between Mayor Heather Fargo and Kevin Johnson on Monday at CSUS. It will be broadcast on KCRA-3 and Capital Public Radio 90.9 from 6:30-8:00 pm. Walt Gray, Pamela Wu and Jeffery Callison will moderate.

Most of the audience will be college students, who will also present most of the questions.

What questions would you like to ask the candidates?

4 thoughts on “Mayoral Debate on Monday”

  1. 1) Do you support teaching religion/religious concepts (evolution, beheadings for females who drive, etc.) in public schools, and if so, would you include The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Why or why not?

    2) Will you try to fire the entire freakin’library board and start over already?

    3) Will you make the office of Mayor more accessable to the local public? Will you have office hours? Public commentary ongoing topical bolg?

    4) What is your personal opinion (i.e.; no “commission to study the issue needed”) as to:
    a) the SMF airport expansion?
    b) city assistance for the Kings’ arena expansion?
    c) elimination of affirmative action programs, given current legitimate black candidates for president, mayor, etc.


  2. KCRA has turned into a bunch of hacks.

    Now they’re actually trying to steal “Asking Questions. Getting Answers” from KOVR. Sad. They’ve gotten bad.


  3. That was even more entertaining than the VP debate.

    Why were there questions about the admittedly f-ed up Library system? The Library is an independent agency that serves the entire county and of which Mayor Fargo isn’t even on the board.


  4. Very entertaining debate, but I am a little disappointed in the format. I would rather see the questions formulated by PROFESSIONALS rather than engaging in the warm-and-fuzzy practice of letting CSUS students come up with the questions.

    In my opinion, this strips the debate of a small bit of credibility. If we want a “Town Hall” meeting with the community, let’s do it. If we want a debate, let’s have the moderators press the candidates with rock solid questions and tough follow-ups.


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