Episode III: Revenge of the Squirrels

Karin Higgins, UC Davis
Eastern fox squirrel on UC Davis campus

When the squirrels aren’t being hunted for fun or falling to their death in flames caused by carelessly hung “power lines,” they just enjoy making sweet whoopee and raising families. And who can blame them, right?

Now word comes that the folks at UC Davis have had it up to here with the fertile squirrels on their campus and will be putting them on the pill next summer:

Officials said the university is being overrun with eastern fox squirrels, which aren’t natives of the Davis area…Faculty wildlife experts and their students plan to capture some of the squirrels next summer and give them hormone injections to try to limit offspring.

Hmmm, that tail sure looks familiar.

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  1. Don’t they know that abstinence is the only certain way to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

    I am adamant and I approved this message.


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