Sacramento gets the “Colbert Bump”!

After being twice admonished by reader Brambles for not blogging the KJ appearance on Colbert (I think partly I blanked because it was supposed to be on tonight, and not on the 11th) I finally checked it out. Thank Jeebus for the online television. I myself have gone without cable for a few years now and mostly not had to look back, what with the plethora of online options, and the sublime unintentional comedy of “One Tree Hill.” Next week: a 1920s fantasy episode written by Chad Michael Murray. That is can’t miss TV right there. But I’m digressing…

I thought the KJ appearance was off to a bad start when he awkwardly hammed it up at the beginning of the segment, trying to upstage Colbert. Overall though, I would say it was not a bad appearance. Colbert serves up some softball questions and gets some politician answers. Colbert, of course, can’t even smell mediocre from where he’s at these days. Favorite quote: “What would you do as mayor to make Sacramento less unbelievably boring?” Check it out yourself, if you’re able to work past the cringe-worthy opening of the interview.

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8 thoughts on “Sacramento gets the “Colbert Bump”!”

  1. The opening? It went beyond cringe-worthy. I felt the need to shield my eyes to get past that part so I could see what he really had to say. I mean, come on! Has he ever seen Colbert? You just don’t do that during the opening.


  2. Hey, at least KJ had an answer to your fave quote (that he is on the show) also: could Fargo have gotten anything more than a scoff if trying to book any major cable show, let alone Colbert? Not to mention, this post has an eerie similarity a couple back-to-back posts of mine from the other day (i.e. colbert and one tree hill) which brings me to my next point. A “sacramento” was featured on the last episode of OTH as soundtrack. The band is Blue Judy, and its lead singer (gustavo alberto) is my friend and fellow Sac Country Day alum. He is also doing a solo spanish project if anyone is interested. Just plug his name into myspace music. Or Blue Judy for that matter.

    Haha, cat sweaters on QVC. Fargo has finally found her target audience.


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