Thanks for Giving 2009

With all the national attention focused on the worldwide economic meltdown, it’s easy to forget the local effect. Now, more than ever, there are hungry families, struggling citizens, and unfortunate folks in our community that could use a hand.

Check out last year’s post for information on how you can help at local food banks, local athletic fund raisers, and volunteer organizations throughout the city. Be thankful for what you have, and help give others something to be thankful for.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for Giving 2009”

  1. Ah, clip art. How I have missed your simple yet emotional pleas.

    How else would we have been prompted to better social behavior without cartoonish caricatures to urge us to “Recycle!” or to “Clean up this mess!” ?

    And what would holiday newsletters be without clip art? For years, we lived in fear of lawsuits from United Features for cutting out our favorite Marmaduke or Wee Pals and using it in our mimeographed communiques. Clip art put an end to that, with generic images of diverse children celebrating the most mundane milestones made available to one and all. At our fingertips, we now have timeless sketches of an Arbor Day tree planting, or an oversized smiling Colombus piloting a novelty boat into the welcoming arms of wacky Indians.


  2. The thankfully-now-employed-again RunnerGirl will once again be herding the elite runners from their warmed tent to the starting line for Run to Feed the Hungry. Keep your eyes peeled for the Snow White look-alike shuffling the speedsters through the crowds to the starting line.


  3. Why was the first thing I thought of when I saw this the clip art too?

    Ah… how I miss going to church, if for nothing else, the lack of wacky middle aged church secretary put together, Sunday bullitins, I can just imagine that once a month, when they get their clip art magazine through the mail in the manilla 1/2 catalog envelope from the Baptist National Convention, and smile and laugh as they flip through the eight pages, just looking for the right wacky message to meticulously snip out and glue stick to the master copy of the bulliten, to be mimiographed and shared with thier adoring congregation. Thank-you Mrs. Harwell… where ever you are…

    This comment is not referencing or disrespecting the left side with the important sermon outline, responsive reading or teen worship minute song lyrics, only the right side with the sock drive, potluck, VBS news.


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