Hiding in Plain Sight

Seen today: one of the craftiest law enforcement vehicles ever on I-80 at Truxel, a dark blue late model Nissan Maxima, with grill and rear window flashers, pulling over another vehicle.

Now, when I think non-descript police vehicle, I think Crown Vic. But a Nissan Maxima? That’s brilliant. I’m not sure whether the car was police or CHP, but it was totally bizarre to see a common suburban four-door import change before one’s eyes into an enforcer. It was like watching real live Transformers.

All I know is that when the cops start using Camrys, the criminals will have nowhere to hide.
Afterthought: Is the plural of Camry, “Camries”?

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  1. You know, I’ve always laughed at Law Enforcement’s feeble attempt to be discreet. A Crown Vic, plain hubcaps, tint, no plates, and 2 guys with sunglasses. THAT is unmarked? Really? By definition, I guess, yeah, but practically? As unmarked as an elephant painted like a goddamn kappibara.

    Anyhow, I compare that with our military’s ability to make a plane disappear. Dis-a-friggin-pear! Poof, gone! Can’t see the thing anymore, but the best the cops could do is a Crown Vic without stickers on it?

    Where am I going with this? Not sure yet. Anyone want to complete my thoughts?
    I’m in a meeting with Dr. Bushmills and he’s got a lot to say…


  2. Most of the cars parked in the “police only” spots in front of the courthouse/DA’s office are Maximas.


  3. And *I’M* meeting with Dr. Bushmills right now, and he’s telling me some very interesting stuff…


  4. Sgt. Time Curran drives a gray-goldish Maxima. I’ve spotted him arriving at a few local crime scenes. I believe it’s his work car.


  5. Back in the 1990s the CHP tested both the Toyota Camry and the Volvo S70, Los Angeles Times article. Take a look at the police parking spots near the courthouse and you’ll see that unmarked vehicles currently include a wide variety of makes and models, and the drivers no longer all look like Jack Webb.


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