An unsatisfying journey

Make a U-turn, if possible

I don’t know why this story of folks getting lost trying to get to the new Red Hawk casino using their GPS devices makes me chuckle. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been in the same situation before trying to decide if I should use my common sense or hand my faith over to a talking box when driving to a new destination.

I have such a love/hate relationship with my Garmin Nuvi. On one hand, it’s been a life saver when I’m forced to take side roads or alternate routes due to a traffic accident or construction. On the other hand it, it’s caused many delays especially when I approach forks in the road or subtle turns. Hard right or soft right? Veer right or stay to the right which is actually straight with no turn at all?

Back to the Bee story…

But those who ignore the “No Casino Access” signs installed by the county on Greenstone Road and the additional signs put in by the neighborhood association near the community’s entrances may have an unsatisfying journey…The 1 1/4-mile drive crosses 14 speed bumps – the type that require nearly a complete stop – and winds down narrow, hilly roads in need of repair, Masterton said. The speed limit is 15 mph…Once misdirected motorists reach the gate, they will be forced to turn around – a difficulty on the community’s narrow roads – and slowly make their way back to the neighborhood’s entrance.

So, do people think the “No Casino Access” sign is just for tourists and that there really is a secret passage way to lost riches if you know the way? Seems to me you can lose your rent money in half the time if you just take the new exit off Highway 50.

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