Perhaps the most awesome sign in the region?

I don’t often find myself out in the greater Madison and San Juan area, but on a recent trip, I drove past this, gasped so hard it required a huff on my Albuterol, and pulled a quick and highly illegal u-turn. I challenge the SacRagians to find a more awesome sign than this one in the 916.

Email sign photos to for consideration for some sort of fantastic prize.

Tales from the Octagon

You need somebody watching your back at all times.
You need somebody watching your back at all times.
For those that were not treated to this little gem in Roseville on Thursday night, please to enjoy (INTERESTING TIDBIT: This story was brought to News10’s attention by an anonymous tip from a viewer).

Patrons inside a Roseville Taco Bell got much more than they bargained for Thursday night when a karate instructor walked inside and tried to place one of his employees under citizen’s arrest…”I walked in the front door and I said Riley Lockett, I said you’re under arrest for theiving from me, right now, citizen’s arrest, right now,” Marinoble said.

Boy, sounds like a real tussle. The story continues to get curiouser…

“I did do something really dumb. I went in there and I was stealing money from him because I wasn’t making enough money to pay for my speeding tickets,” Lockett said.

Well, why didn’t you say so? We all know those dang speeding tickets can get pricey. Especially when you’re 17! Man.

As witnessed by the comments at, folks are split on this one. It is a tough call.

What do you think? Should Marinoble have called the police and asked for their assistance in apprehending this youngster? What should happen to the teen? He did confess to the crime and was caught on video.

Sacramento Seen in Green: City Voted 7th on Environment

Back in 2002, Sacramento earned an award from Time Magazine for being the most diverse city in the nation. It’s still a badge of honor we wear proudly, and it’s time to add another star to our uniform. Sacramento has officially been ranked the 7th “Smarter City” by the Natural Resources Defense Council. Basically, we’re mean on being green.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) didn’t pass out this honor lightly. Their mission is to “protect wildlife and wild places and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth.” Birds, bees, trees, you, and me—the NRDC is trying to protect us all. Their “Smarter City” ranking drew upon a number of environmentally-friendly criteria, breaking down the results by city size. Sacramento was measured in the “large city” grid along with jolly green giants San Francisco, Seattle, and the like.  

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Hey, that’s not funny

When our beloved Peet’s at Lyon Village took a car through the window earlier this year we took our medicine. Accidents happen, right? However, anyone that has been to that location and has seen where the car entered the store may wonder HOW exactly it happened, but I digress. It’s been repaired, no one was injured. Press on.

Well, Sacramento, it’s time to officially send out a “WTF!” now that our favorite burro spot, La Fiesta Taqueria, has taken one on the chin.

Surveillance video from inside the business shows two customers exiting the building through the front door less than five seconds before the car slammed through it from the opposite direction. The car ended up completely inside the building, coming to rest after hitting the counter near the cash register …
The La Fiesta Taqueria boarded up the new hole in the building Sunday evening and will remain closed for about 10 days.

People suck.

Slam! Crash! Plow!

The aftermath
The crime scene, er, aftermath, er, ground zero!

If you live here (this is mainly for you new readers), you know that cars find their way into buildings. Home, businesses, you name it. Young drivers, old drivers, and elevated drivers alike, we have it all in the 916. What is fascinating to me, however, is how we report these incidents and what information we reveal.

For example, on Sunday morning in Natomas an off-duty sheriff’s deputy “crashed” her sport utility vehicle into a Starbucks.

Police charged an off-duty Sacramento Sheriff’s deputy with felony DUI Sunday after she plowed into an open Starbucks coffee shop in Natomas, injuring an elderly woman … Brown said the driver of the car continued to push on the accelerator even after the car had come to a stop … Authorities believe Gargano, 37, was taking prescription medication, Leong said. He declined to name the specific medication, citing health confidentiality.

Sorry, the officer “plowed” into the coffee shop. What, no “continued to gun it!” And we are OK with her name but not her medical condition?

More details surface and the Sac Bee offers up a new article, SUV slams into Starbucks; deputy charged. We learn the deputy’s name and of course her personal tidbits in the comments section.

Then, two more crashes occur … Continue reading “Slam! Crash! Plow!”

Online observations

The online scene in Sacramento today is especially entertaining …

From the Home page of

Last week, we brought you a story about an accused shoplifter who used a baby as a shield against law enforcement in the parking lot of a strip mall. We have since learned the alleged shoplifting crime happened inside a Ross store, not a Marshalls as previously reported. We are sorry for any confusion caused by the initial report.

When I first read that story last week I thought, “No way!”, and it turns out my spidey-sense was right. Now, the only confusion I have is about the future of the human race.


Editor’s Note: Comments on this story have been removed because too many users have violated our rules against personal attacks.

And from our very own web log:

Went to Barret Junior High with Lisa Ling. Stuck up snotty bitch who did everything possible to make life hell for the few kids who went there that were poor, like myself. Doesn’t have anything to do with her sister, just wanted to put that out there …

We haven’t had to use it in a while, but I think today it’s worth dusting off …

Stay classy, Sacramento.

The (un)official haiku contest of The Sac Rag

In these troubled times, expressing ourselves artistically is how we survive — the hope of a new sunrise (and perchance that Laurence Fishburne can deftly fill William Peterson’s shoes.) RunnerGirl thusly introduces The Sac Rag haiku competition.  That’s right — with no authorization from our esteemed founders, I am going all rogue and am offering the grand prize of a genuine canvas bag from THE actual Mood Fabrics in New York City, as seen on Project Runway. You can only buy these at the Mood store.

Here are the rules:
1. Your entry must follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable structure of haiku
2. It must address a current event
3. Entries must be received no later than noon on Friday, February 13.

Here is an example to get you started:

Obama, save us
Billions* and billions, like stars
We’re shovel-ready

*Assuming you pronounce it like “bill-yuns”  and not “beel-ee-ons”


Hiding in Plain Sight

Seen today: one of the craftiest law enforcement vehicles ever on I-80 at Truxel, a dark blue late model Nissan Maxima, with grill and rear window flashers, pulling over another vehicle.

Now, when I think non-descript police vehicle, I think Crown Vic. But a Nissan Maxima? That’s brilliant. I’m not sure whether the car was police or CHP, but it was totally bizarre to see a common suburban four-door import change before one’s eyes into an enforcer. It was like watching real live Transformers.

All I know is that when the cops start using Camrys, the criminals will have nowhere to hide.
Afterthought: Is the plural of Camry, “Camries”?

The Worst Example of “Showing Your Sacramento” — Ever

From today’s Bee story detailing the October 4 murder of a college student in San Diego, in which the primary suspects — inlcuding the son of Fabian Nunez — are from the Sacramento area:

A woman who was hosting the men at her apartment told police the four were drinking and showing off their knives. They talked about wanting to show people “how we do it in Sac-Town,” according to the warrant.

I, for one, was unaware that knifing people while intoxicated was how we did it in Sac-town. I thought we had cornered the market instead on vehicular property crimes.

Actually, how do I say that this whole episode is sickening? Oh, like this: This whole episode is sickening.