UPDATE: Budget passes, gas tax cut

Yay budget. I’m not sure what you commenters were looking at, but I was ahead of all other news outlets in calling the delays. Did you think the delays were from my not having the right info? 🙂

I’m a little confused as to why there was so much discussion about getting constitutional amendments on the ballot. Since when does getting a proposal on the ballot require almost crashing the system? Isn’t it conventional wisdom by now that part of the reason we’re in such trouble now is that it is too easy to get initiatives on the ballot? It seems like the three budget-reform amendments would have been a lock with or without Maldonado’s vote. I bet if you polled average folks most people think legislators already don’t get paid if they are 100 days late on one of their most important work tasks, almost resulting in the crumbling of one of the world’s largest economies. Now the Democrats are in the odd position of appearing to need to be convinced that they shouldn’t.

I’m also confused as to why Federal stimulus dollars (“Obamabucks” — I’ve just coined that) were added to the mix so late in the game. Were they going to give back some of it? Were they planning to divert the money to something that wasn’t part of the budget? I’m sure somebody can explain. This whole thing has been so disheartening that I must admit I haven’t been following it as closely as I could have.

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8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Budget passes, gas tax cut”

  1. Considering that the stimulus package was only passed on Tuesday, does two days seem like an unreasonably long wait before the state factored stimulus package dollars into the state budget equation?


  2. Considering how much they have worked since ARRA was sent to the President, the fact that it appears to be a last minute compromise surprises me a little bit. Maybe it has been on the table since Tuesday and is just being revealed as part of the final deal? Maybe my threshold for surprise is really low? Look! A blue car!!


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